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Other treatments available

Elaine is available for Beauty Treatments by prior appointment only don't be disappointed - BOOK EARLY and phone Elaine directly on 07810 267700


Sheer relaxation in the highly qualified hands of Elaine......
Why not treat yourself to a touch of pampering......while on your holiday you have the perfect opportunity to indulge in the warmth and soothing sensation of a back, neck & shoulders aromatherapy massage Individually diagnosed to suit you personally.
aromatherapy massage in blackpool

Aromatherapy massage.....
We are all aware of just a few of the benefits of massage...relaxing & soothing of muscles, the promotion of relaxation will aid better sleep.
But did you know that a professionally induced massage can also boost the bodies circulation and stimulate the sensory nerve endings, as well as helping to dispel waste & toxins.Massage can improve the texture of the skin, help delay unwanted new wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, improve your whole body tone. Aromatherapy body massage.......Individually diagnosed use of pure essential oils.
Full body massage with the use of essential oils, or just a back, head, neck and shoulder massage, stimulates nerves and circulation, helping to tone and improve the skin texture. This form of treatment is particularly good for the relief of stress and tension.

Facial treatments.....
facial treatments in Blackpool Facial cleanse and massage by Elaine.............As with all deep facial cleanses, a skin assesment must be carried out first and only products that are compatable with each individuals skin types are used. Once this is complete you can relax knowing that you are in the skilled hands of our fully qualified beautician.
A gentle deep cleansing to unblock pores and remove black and white heads, a face pack may be used, this is of course depending on your skin type, toning of the skin followed by a moisturiser that is gently massaged in to the skin, this treatment encourages the blood flow and increases the circulation, this also helps to slow down the ageing process, thus helps to aid youthful looking skin.
The Texture of your skin is instantly noticable softer to the touch, brighter and fresher looking.
All our products used are of the highest quality.

A reflexologist uses hands only to apply gentle pressure to the feet. For each person the application and the effect of the therapy is unique. Sensitive, trained hands can detect tiny deposits and imbalances in the feet, and by working on these points the reflexologist can release blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the whole body. Tensions are eased, and circulation and elimination is improved. This gentle therapy encourages the body to heal itself at its own pace, often counteracting a lifetime of misuse.

A manicure will improve the condition of your nails & hands.
Re-shaping of the nails before they are gently buffed to removed any unsightly ridges, a soaking in cuticle solution to soften and condition, the cuticles are then gently eased back to show off the "half moon" the sign of a good manicure also a very elegant look.
A gentle hand and nail massage before a protective nail base coat followed by 2 coats of the colour of your choice glossy nail polish. Final result beautiful elegant hands.

Treat your feet to a pedicure .......Relaxing them in whirl pool foot spa, followed by exfoliation, toe nails trimmed, filed and conditioned.
With the use of an oronge stick the cuticles are gently pushed back this gives the nails a rounder and more healthier look.
A long extensive foot massage in essential oils this also aids the circulation. And finally nails are polished in your choice of colour.

Acrylic nails.....
By far Acrylic nails are becoming more and more popular, as they have proved them selves to be the strongest of all cosmetic nails, if applied professionally they are the most elegant looking.
Once the acrylic overlay is applied the nails usually need to be filled in every two to three weeks as your own nail grows, this is of course depending on how you treat your nails i.e. using them as tools will soon loosen them or even break them. If you are planning a holiday it is always a good idea to find out if there is a good manicurist in or close to your holiday town.

Sugar waxing.....
A gentle way forward to satin touch skin
The method of sugaring first originated in Egypt many years ago, it is widely used today in Beauty Salons all over the world, renouned for it's effectivness.
Sugaring is a natural method of removing unwanted hair from any part of the body, gentle enough to be used on the face, tender area's such as the eye-brows, upper lip and chin.
As the sugaring compound only adheres to the hair and not the skin therefore removing the hair by the root hence making the process of removing unwanted hair less painfull and much more comfortable, this process usually last for approximately four to six weeks, you will notice as the hair grows back there is no stuble as with shaving, the new hair is much softer and less in quantity.

Eye - brow shaping, tinting & Eye - lash tinting.
No more fuss...The perfect solution for your holiday, imagine emerging from the swimming pool with stunning eyes rather than the look of the polar bear, those days are gone since the technique of eye lash tinting has been introduced.
A simple procedure involving the use of vegetable die that is painted on the lashes, this takes just a few minutes to dry then the excess wiped away leaving you with stunning lashes that will last up to 4 to 6 weeks.


Elain'e Beauty Salon Prices

Aromatherapy using 100% Pure Essential oils
Full Body Massage £45.00
With mini facial £50.00
Back Massage £25.00
Head, neck & shoulder massage £25.00
Head neck & shoulder & mini facial £30.00

Inch Away guaranteed to lose 2" permanently
Single treatment £45.00
Two treatments £80.00
Three treatments £110.00

Lymphatic drainage help ease fluid retention
Single lymphatic drainage £30.00
Two treatments £55.00

Reflexology help your body to self repair
Full treatment £30.00
Zone treatment £20.00

Beauty treatments to feel pampered
Facial £20.00
Manicure £15.00
Re-Varnish £5.00
Acrylic Nails £30.00
Infills from £20.00
Individual nails £5.00
Eye brow shaping £5.00
Eye brow tint £6.00
Eyelash tint £10.00
Lash & brow tint £15.00
Pedicure £15.00
Pedicure with paraffin wax £25.00

Sugaring the gentle way to remove unwanted hair
Full Leg £20.00
Half leg £15.00
Under Arm £10.00
Bikini £8.00
Eye brow £5.00
Chin £5.00
Lip £5.00

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