Canasta Hotel in BlackpoolBest Rates Guaranteed

Deal or No Deal

in association with Carlbee Productions

Come and Play our version of Deal or No Deal where all guests get given a box number on arrival. Will you swap it?

8th and 9th June - £21 per person per night (rear facing double rooms - 2 left only now)

Restriction apply - based on rear facing rooms, minimum two people per room, staying two nights

On arrival you will be offered a bag where you can randomly choose your box number.

Management dont know what's in your box

They must remain UNOPENED until we play the game on Saturday night

Guests ARE allowed to swap boxes

Management ARE allowed to tempt you to swap YOUR box thoughout the weekend - even though we dont know what's in yours

Saturday night it will all become clear....and some Lucky Winners will be cheering

Prizes range from an ice cube to £75 Canasta Gift Voucher (with cash prizes too)

Karaoke on BOTH NIGHTS to midnight
288 - 290 North Promenade
T: 01253 290501

don't forget Blackpool Zoo

Invite Your Friends to stay at the Canasta

It is the most welcoming and friendly hotel we have ever stayed in. [View more comments]

Cheap tickets for Blackpool Tower, Sea Life Centre and Wax works

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Karaoke in Blackpool Best rate for the Canasta guaranteed Free wifi at this Blackpool bed and breakfast with car parking