Canasta Hotel in Blackpool

Fancy a Cuppa?

...oh how about a nice cup of's free in the sunlounge all day to 10pm

Best Rates Guaranteed
288 - 290 North Promenade
T: 01253 290501
don't forget Blackpool Zoo

Invite Your Friends to stay at the Canasta good does that look!!

Why is it free?
It only costs us pennies...and we know how much you all appreciate it.

Our preferred tea is Typhoo...and you'll be getting Nescafe or Kenco for your coffee (no cheap imposters!)

There ain't nothing like a nice cup of char while you're watching the world go by from our sunlounge. Well...maybe a nice glass of red comes real close.

From picking the leaves from the best tea bushes and blending those leaves to create the perfect taste, to vacuum packing the tea and locking in the freshness. Every part in the Typhoo process is dedicated to making sure you experience a perfect tea-drinking moment in every cup poured at the Canasta.

We do make the BEST cup of tea in Blackpool!
I like a really nice cup of tea. There's only ONE way to serve tea. First we warm up the china teapot. Second we let the hot water pour over the teabags from 12 inches (this sucks in a little bit of air and helps the bags breathe). Thirdly we warm the cups. (YES we do!). Lastly we encourage you to let the tea stand for a minute before you stir and pour it...but do pour it from 6 inches to get a little bit more air into it.

Mmmm...there really isnt anything like a nice cup of tea!.

You think I'm joking...?
I'm not....all staff are trained in how to make the perfect cup of tea! How many other hotels or b and b's would warm YOUR cup up first?

Personally I like my tea stirred anti-clockwise with the handle pointing North...but I am a bit of a connoisseur. Oh...and just to put an end to the should ALWAYS put the milk in first. The enzymes break down quicker! (Thanks Cath and Ses for that!)

How do you like your tea?

Having been to Blackpool on numerous occasions the Canasta Hotel was by far the most homely and welcoming hotel that we have stayed in. The room was always warm and comfortable, which made the whole Blackpool experience more enjoyable. [View more comments]

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