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Gift vouchers available for this Blackpool Guesthouse
Gift Vouchers are available in any amount.
They are redeemable for any time of the year that we are open and are valid for all services we offer.

All the recipient needs do is contact us to check availability and quote the reference number printed on the gift voucher and the booking will be made.

If there is a shortfall in the amount payable at the end of the stay we will bill them directly or by prior approval with the purchaser so the recipient has nothing to worry about.

If the cost of the gift voucher exceeds the cost of the stay we will make a refund for the applicable amount to either the guest or the purchaser - your choice.

If FOR ANY REASON the recipient has not taken advantage of the gift voucher after 12 months we will contact you and ask if you'd like a COMPLETE refund.

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Blackpool is bright busy and noisy, yet step into the confine of the Canasta H4otel, it's very relaxing, drinking at the table watching the sun go down. [View more comments]

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