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Comment posted by Luke Hatchman at 18:01 on 25th Jan 2011
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Luke Hatchman says:We booked the canasta for the 2011 Pigeon Weekend. Myself and my partner were both blown away by the exceptional standard of the canasta. We received a friendly, warm reception upon arrival. The rooms were clean and up to a standard that far exceeded the very reasonable rate we paid. The breakfast included in the price was exceptional in both quality and quantity. The evenings in the hotel had a great atmosphere and we preferred to stay in the hotel rather than go out, although next time I'll have to pace myself Friday night to make the most of Saturday. We have already booked again for next year, a big thankyou to Mandy and all the staff for a weekend to remember! I will be recommending the Canasta to everyone I know.
Our Reply:Aww....thanks for that Luke!!
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Comment posted by Alan Robson at 12:52 on 24th Jan 2011
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Alan Robson says:Dear Mandy,
  Thank you for giving us a great weekend in your hotel, we really enjoyed our stay with you,
Next time we visit blackpool we will definately stay with you, and we will pass on your details to our friends,  
Take care,
Alan and Val..
Our Reply:Hi Alan and Val
Mandy is having a well deserved siesta now
(I was away on golfing trip and needed to recover myself...which was why you didn't see me)
Thanks for your kind comments - I'll make sure she sees them
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Comment posted by joanne at 22:38 on 20th Jan 2011
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joanne says:heyyyyyy doug n every one at the canasta.hope u remember us,we stayed august bank up on karaoke and did a version of ill be there,was promised a bucket of sausages and i have to say i didnt get them!!haha,so me n joe comin back t get them in feb to see if i get the gorgeous sausage and huge fantastic breakfast!just us two,havin a much deserved break from our brood!cant wait to get back,karaoke here we come.and can i just say to those of you lookin for a fab place t stay in blackpool,you will not find any where finer than the canasta!!so book book book!!you may even get to here me sing lol...see you all soon.regards jojo n joe xx
Our Reply:Hey Up Jo Jo n Joe
How could I forget you!!!
See you in Feb!!
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Comment posted by Joy and Mike + 2 at 22:42 on 13th Jan 2011
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Joy and Mike + 2 says:Hi Doug and Mandy, just a line to thank for our wonderful new year stay at the Canasta, staff, food, entertainment,(not forgetting karaoke) was excellent, a great bunch of people, what an enjoyable start to 2011, looking forward to the next one, once again, many thanks
Our Reply:Hi Joy and Mike (+2)
Well...thanks for coming too!!
It was rather good wasn't it!
Welcome to "The Gang"
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Comment posted by kaz bramwell at 01:25 on 13th Jan 2011
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kaz bramwell says:hi Doug Happy belated new year looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Hope new year went well for you. I have heard great things about new years eve. sorry i missed it but i really have not been well. hope to see you all soon, Kaz
Our Reply:Hi Kaz
Same to you and yours!!
Get well soon!!
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Comment posted by Ses n Kath at 17:44 on 4th Jan 2011
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Ses n Kath says:We would like to thank you and everyone at Canasta 2010 new year for a brilliant time Many new faces all very friendly smashing staff good grub and a couople of smashing hosts what more could we want we realy enjoyed it will see you soon when I get sorted all the best and many thanks again Ses @ Kath
Our Reply:Cheers Ses and Cath (especially for the tea - its lovely) Nice to see you both again and we're all so pleased you look so well!! See you next time!
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Comment posted by kevin&sylvia parkinson at 23:05 on 1st Jan 2011
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kevin&sylvia parkinson says:Doug&Mandy,thankyou for a great new year it was our first visit but certanly not our last,we enjoyed every minute,room very good, bed lovly&comfy, good food,good company felt realy welcome,value for money,thankyou once again for everything.
Our Reply:Thanks for coming Kev and Sylvia!! It's always nice to meet new friends! And THANKS for entertaining us too!!
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Comment posted by colin veitch at 15:47 on 1st Jan 2011
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colin veitch says:Hi Doug and Mandy,would like to thank you for another mint new year at our hotel by the sea!! Top entertainment!! top friends, old and new, Top class ambiance!! and even a highly trained army sniper who from, the north pier managed to dislodge your left lens with a highly dangerous rubber sucker bullet!!! PMSL hahahaha Thanks again for everything and thanks to all the people who made the whole stay memorable!!! cheers to you all!!! Colin and doontoon annie xx
Our Reply:Cheers guys
Happy Noo Year!!
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Comment posted by carl (fred) at 14:51 on 28th Dec 2010
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carl (fred) says:yahoo the cams are back there a real god send. its great to see the place live again had a few problems trying to log on to the karaoke one although the sea front one and the bar one work fine think its my end not your (if you excuse the expression lol) hoping to visit you early this year just got to say the coppers to pay for it (ooops excuse the pun again lol) see ya soon now i can and all the best to you mandy and family carlos
Our Reply:Hey Up Fred :)
Had some teething problems with the Karaoke Cam - its back on now though.
Happy New Year to you and Sam
Doug, Swampy and the rest
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Comment posted by Ses at 01:52 on 17th Dec 2010
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Ses says:Hi Doug & Mandy will be great to see you all for new year feeling good ses and kath
Our Reply:Oh SUPERB....wasn't sure if you would be coming. Glad its going well for you!!
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Comment posted by Julie at 22:44 on 27th Nov 2010
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Julie says:I agree with Carl (Fred) and Sam I would love to see the cams back and if they're back soon Doug you'll make me a very happy Hope you had a fab holiday and you are both rested up!...Take care..Love Julie and Steve xx
Our Reply::)
New phone line ordered - arrives 9th December
Getting quotes to upgrade the CCTV
Watch this space!
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Comment posted by carl (fred) & sam at 14:29 on 28th Oct 2010
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carl (fred) & sam says:hi doug just a quckie its a real shame to lose the web cams. we loved to log on and see the web cam of the see out front and the one of the bar area they really were good and will be missed by us. i understand that the cost of these are about 20 quid a month. just stick 10pence on a pint and bring em back there great and help people to see live coverage of the hotel rather than pics that some people think can lie. think about it 10 pence on a drink for live cams LETS VOTE ON IT lol ask the public lol speak soon as cant see ya now lol
Our Reply:LOL
I know...they were great for marketing too...
It's not quite as simple as that....I need them on a separate line as they just use all our bandwidth and I can't do any surfing. It's more red tape and having the time to do it than cost at the moment but I'll have more time to sort this at end of we should be back with all cams working by Xmas
May even look at adding a few more....maybe a sound one outside in case we get a visit from Plod again :)
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Comment posted by colin veitch at 20:24 on 24th Oct 2010
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colin veitch says:Hi Doug&Mandy, Just to say thanks for another mint weekend the kids loved it,my blood pressure didnt!!! hahaha Keep up the good work best hoteliers in the business by a country mile!!! THE PLACE TO BE!!! cheers Colin and Doon toon annie and the three 'offsprings of satan'!!!! aka Kane, Mya and Roxy.
Our Reply:Aww...come on...they wern't THAT bad!!
In fact....I thought they were VERY well behaved...See you at the weekend!
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Comment posted by john booth (the major) at 21:10 on 18th Oct 2010
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john booth (the major) says:once again another fantastic weekend at the canasta thanks for a great time,see you new years eve,will phone wednessday to book room.would not go anywhere else.
Our Reply:Morning Major
Cheers Boothy - see you at New Year
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Comment posted by Gillian Miller at 14:45 on 18th Oct 2010
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Gillian Miller says:I would just like to say thank you for all the help the staff gave to me and my family when we were holidaying in Blackpool (Oct 10), it was very much appreciated. I unfortunately took ill on the Tuesaday and the help that I received was fab..............Thank you so much. I would also like to say thank you in particualr to our waitress Nika (Maria) who was exceptionally caring towards myself and my daughter, she is a credit to the Canasta Hotel. I can't fault anything about this hotel, owners and staff alike. I will definately recommend it to my friends and family. And we will be back in the New Year at some point. Once again thank you for a very pleasant and most comfortable stay.
Gillian Miller & faimly.
Our Reply:Thanks Gillian - hope you make a speedy recovery
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"I have recently become disappointed in the quality of hotel's in Blackpool. However this hotel has proved that it is able to provide quality without expense. We will stay here again and recommend to friends."

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