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Comment posted by carl (fred) at 14:51 on 28th Dec 2010
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carl (fred) says:yahoo the cams are back there a real god send. its great to see the place live again had a few problems trying to log on to the karaoke one although the sea front one and the bar one work fine think its my end not your (if you excuse the expression lol) hoping to visit you early this year just got to say the coppers to pay for it (ooops excuse the pun again lol) see ya soon now i can and all the best to you mandy and family carlos
Our Reply:Hey Up Fred :)
Had some teething problems with the Karaoke Cam - its back on now though.
Happy New Year to you and Sam
Doug, Swampy and the rest
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Comment posted by Ses at 01:52 on 17th Dec 2010
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Ses says:Hi Doug & Mandy will be great to see you all for new year feeling good ses and kath
Our Reply:Oh SUPERB....wasn't sure if you would be coming. Glad its going well for you!!
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Comment posted by Julie at 22:44 on 27th Nov 2010
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Julie says:I agree with Carl (Fred) and Sam I would love to see the cams back and if they're back soon Doug you'll make me a very happy Hope you had a fab holiday and you are both rested up!...Take care..Love Julie and Steve xx
Our Reply::)
New phone line ordered - arrives 9th December
Getting quotes to upgrade the CCTV
Watch this space!
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Comment posted by carl (fred) & sam at 14:29 on 28th Oct 2010
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carl (fred) & sam says:hi doug just a quckie its a real shame to lose the web cams. we loved to log on and see the web cam of the see out front and the one of the bar area they really were good and will be missed by us. i understand that the cost of these are about 20 quid a month. just stick 10pence on a pint and bring em back there great and help people to see live coverage of the hotel rather than pics that some people think can lie. think about it 10 pence on a drink for live cams LETS VOTE ON IT lol ask the public lol speak soon as cant see ya now lol
Our Reply:LOL
I know...they were great for marketing too...
It's not quite as simple as that....I need them on a separate line as they just use all our bandwidth and I can't do any surfing. It's more red tape and having the time to do it than cost at the moment but I'll have more time to sort this at end of we should be back with all cams working by Xmas
May even look at adding a few more....maybe a sound one outside in case we get a visit from Plod again :)
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Comment posted by colin veitch at 20:24 on 24th Oct 2010
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colin veitch says:Hi Doug&Mandy, Just to say thanks for another mint weekend the kids loved it,my blood pressure didnt!!! hahaha Keep up the good work best hoteliers in the business by a country mile!!! THE PLACE TO BE!!! cheers Colin and Doon toon annie and the three 'offsprings of satan'!!!! aka Kane, Mya and Roxy.
Our Reply:Aww...come on...they wern't THAT bad!!
In fact....I thought they were VERY well behaved...See you at the weekend!
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Comment posted by john booth (the major) at 21:10 on 18th Oct 2010
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john booth (the major) says:once again another fantastic weekend at the canasta thanks for a great time,see you new years eve,will phone wednessday to book room.would not go anywhere else.
Our Reply:Morning Major
Cheers Boothy - see you at New Year
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Comment posted by Gillian Miller at 14:45 on 18th Oct 2010
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Gillian Miller says:I would just like to say thank you for all the help the staff gave to me and my family when we were holidaying in Blackpool (Oct 10), it was very much appreciated. I unfortunately took ill on the Tuesaday and the help that I received was fab..............Thank you so much. I would also like to say thank you in particualr to our waitress Nika (Maria) who was exceptionally caring towards myself and my daughter, she is a credit to the Canasta Hotel. I can't fault anything about this hotel, owners and staff alike. I will definately recommend it to my friends and family. And we will be back in the New Year at some point. Once again thank you for a very pleasant and most comfortable stay.
Gillian Miller & faimly.
Our Reply:Thanks Gillian - hope you make a speedy recovery
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Comment posted by Cath madden at 10:53 on 16th Oct 2010
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Cath madden says:Booked under Michelle Cooper 2 nights 8/10 October. Absolutely brilliant 2days! Spotless clean, lovely & warm, the bedrooms lovely especially room 1 with the 4 poster bed! Plenty of tea coffee milk in bedrooms which was a big bonus, tea and coffee all day long if wanted which was lovely all staff very helpful wouldn't stay any where else now except the canasta.
Our Reply:Thanks for that Cath!!
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Comment posted by dawn & billy caveney at 23:22 on 15th Oct 2010
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dawn & billy caveney says:just back from a one night stay at the canasta what lovley place to stay, we were made to feel really welcome from the minute we walked in to the minute we left the free tea and coffee is most welcome especially when you come in from the cold! the brekkie was excellent and plentifull. all round this hotel is brilliant only one critisisim we wanted to come back in november for our 1st wedding anniversary but you have got the cheek to go to thailand and have a break yourself!!! ha ha but you will definatley return next year have a great holiday
Our Reply::)
Thanks Dawn and Billy
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Comment posted by Kirsty Hamilton at 17:27 on 15th Oct 2010
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Kirsty Hamilton says:Hotel: Excellent
Room : Excellent
Staff: Excellent
Service: Excellent
Breakfast: Excellent
Walter & Kirsty
Our Reply:You Two: BRILLIANT!!!
LOL...thanks for that Walter & Kirsty
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Comment posted by lisa bagshaw at 18:08 on 10th Oct 2010
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lisa bagshaw says:Ive just come home from a weekend stay at the canasta the breakfast was second to none fab food and service which sadly made up for the room we stayed in
we stayed in room 27 which when we arrived seemed ok but later i found the toilet seat broken, damp mould spots on the toilet wall near the ceiling and the room was clean but could of been better it had thick dust on the skirting boards and the radiater did not work so it was freezing in a morning but there was a plug in portable heater which helped but central heating is advertised ??
if it was low budget i would of thought arrr well but this is middle of the road priced really to stay in blackpool and as my daughter was compeating in dance nationals loads of other friends were staying in blackpool to compare with and this hotel was the most expensive bar the hilton !
really sad as we have 4 more return trips planned for comps and hoped i could rebook and use this hotel again and again may be i got a bad room im not sure as the outside and bar area were great!!
not sure but sadly i dont think i will sorry :o(
Our Reply:Hello Lisa
I just noticed your honest review and am naturally horrified.
I don't check rooms myself - I rely on my staff to do this (including Dan, my son and Christine the head housekeeper)
Of course on this occasion as soon as I saw your review I needed to check myself.
Everything you say is correct. I have to hold my hands up.
It seems the flat roof above the ceiling of that room has failed. This is apparent with damp getting in not only in the bathroom but in the main bedroom also.
The toilet seat WAS broken and there WAS excessive dust on the skirting board.'s clear my staff need retraining - it's not good enough for you and it's definitely not good enough for me. They should have picked up on all these points so we could have closed the room off.
The radiator needs bleeding. It's been a very mild year this year and the central heating has only just been switched on. With such a long period having been turned off air locks are in the rads and they need bleeding. This is something I could have done in minutes for you had you mentioned it. But again - perhaps it should have been checked before you arrived anyway.
I'm going to allow your review to be published as it is honest and true. All I can do is hold my hands up and say ...sorry. But rest assured I'm on the job.
I am sorry about the errors - the staff are being given a pep talk today and tomorrow and we have the roofers coming in on Wednesday. The room will be re-decorated after the flat roof has been fixed on Wednesday in time for Friday when it is let out again.
Thanks for mentioning our good points and for making this constructive review!
Doug Smith

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Comment posted by Robert Gardiner at 13:27 on 10th Oct 2010
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Robert Gardiner says:Rooms warm,clean and tidy, breakfast first class,bar area pleasant for a drink or two,a nice family run hotel.Easy walking distance to all major events in Blackpool.
Our Reply:Thanks for the Robert! We appreciate your business!
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Comment posted by stephen at 10:57 on 8th Oct 2010
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stephen says:hi just returmed from a 2 night stay at the canasta,read reveiws before we booked and we were not disapointed,a warm welcome and very helpfull staff nothing was any trouble and the breakfast was was well presented and clean and the tea and coffee was very welcome after a walk on the promenade made this hotel a home from home,will definetly return thanks.
Our Reply:Thanks for that Stevie. Much appreciated!!
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Comment posted by Jan at 22:43 on 7th Oct 2010
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Jan says:Just like to say a big thank you to you and all your staff for a wonderful 2 night stay this week. Everything was perfect, the room was clean and well presented and the breakfast was amazing!! Also, if you like an endless supply of free tea and coffee, this is the place to be!
Our Reply:Big thanks for that Jan.
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Comment posted by Julie at 21:23 on 5th Oct 2010
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Julie says:I want to say thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous 50th birthday "do". You both kept quiet about my surprise family gathering, and the cake and presents were a lovely bonus from you and Mandy! My family really enjoyed staying at the Canasta. So,yet again the Canasta has come up trumps!
THANK YOU...See you soon, Julie(and Steve)
Our Reply:Thanks Julie and Steve and


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"Efficientely run hotel, clean and attractive room. Beautiful food, Pleasant & relaxing bar area with great view. "

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