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Comment posted by Nina James at 13:33 on 20th Jul 2010
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Nina James says:Rooms were spacious and spotless. Breakfast staff were friendly and helpful. Doug and Mandy are excellent hosts. Karaoke was great. A big thanks to Dan for always being on hand to top up my tea cup! We will definately be back!! Nina & Mick Dundee xx
Our Reply:Thanks for that Nina and Mick!!
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Comment posted by Sheryl Millar at 20:06 on 19th Jul 2010
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Sheryl Millar says:Came home Saturday having had 5 great days at The Canasta. Well done Dougie for finally managing to get Dave(aka Deano) to sing on the karaoke on Fri.
Our Reply:Haha...thanks for your business and company!! Hope to see you again ...and the Old Crooner too!!
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Comment posted by Ralph Nixon at 19:08 on 7th Jul 2010
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Ralph Nixon says:From arriving to leaving everything was "spot on" from Super Doug on Karoke to Chris behind the bar.. Breakfast was awesome along with the service... Will be going back again!!!
Our Reply:LOL...thanks for that Ralph!! The gargle juice helped!
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Comment posted by Julie at 19:42 on 15th Jun 2010
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Julie says:Hi Mandy and Doug, yet another fab time at the Canasta. Friday nights Karaoke was great fun and Saturdays too, complete with extra entertainment (ahem). As usual the staff (especially Christine) and yourselves cannot do enough! My sister and hubby, "Jackie Jackie" (knicknamed by Mandy)had their first stay here and absolutely loved it!!! Can't wait to return for another stay and see you all! Take care! Julie, Steve, "Jackie Jackie" and Ant xx
Our Reply:Whoo hoo....thanks guys...hope to see you all again real soon!!
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Comment posted by carl (fred) and sam at 16:23 on 11th Jun 2010
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carl (fred) and sam says:yes he really did call you a donkey with a hole lol hope everything turns out ok. once again thanks for everything and don't forget if you need me to cofirm the donkey and hole i'll be please to!!!!!!!!
Our Reply:LOL...
following my 3 page letter of complaint I had a visit from the "Chief Super" who apologised on his behalf.
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Comment posted by carl (fred) and sam at 08:55 on 31st May 2010
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carl (fred) and sam says:Hi all had another great stay with you all. Once again you made it the perfect weekend. Dan is a star polite and pleasent and as for christine just excellant cant do enough for you. Friday night karaoke with swampy was so funny she just could'nt take the repaet off the songs but then again if you charge her 35.00 per hour plus vat then i don't blame her ha ha.
Saturday karaoke was even more entertaining if you know what i mean hee hee all that entertainment on a budget of a few coppers lol.
we will definatly be back for another great stay at the canasta anywhere else just would'nt be the same.
Keep up the good work it really does make staying with you all enjoyable.
Carl & Sam (FRED)
Our Reply:Hey up Carl and Sam Yes - it was quite entertaining on the Saturday - you should have seen the Licensing oOfficer on the Sunday night (now that WAS fun). Letters have been sent and we're eagerly awaiting the response...may even get a few web pages out of this!!
Did he REALLY call me an aŁ$%hole ??? :)))) LOL
Nice to see you both again..
Swamps and Doug
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Comment posted by BILL HUGHES at 11:50 on 30th Apr 2010
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Our Reply:Haha...hi Bill & Sandra
Thanks for your comments
Sound is now fixed (you'll be pleased to learn) ...I replaced the batteries :)
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Comment posted by boothy(the major) at 12:19 on 13th Apr 2010
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boothy(the major) says:hi doug, mandy and the team, we all had a great weekend at easter,your impression of danny la rue was really good.everybody decided to make it an annual event,so exspect a few more for next year.may see you 24th april,doing the bke thing on the again,cheers mate.boothy and the crew.
Our Reply:Thanks for your business Major!!
See you soon!
love Danny
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Comment posted by Colleen Kneen at 07:54 on 7th Apr 2010
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Colleen Kneen says:Hi Doug, Thanks very much for a lovely weekend. It was just what we needed and feel a lot better after it. Didnt get to say tara to you in the morning but would like to thank everyone (again) for making our stay perfect. It feels like coming to another home when we come to the Canasta what with meeting up with friends etc. Thanks once again and to let you know that you are all very much appreciated. Love Colleen and Phil
Our Reply:Cheers guys!!! See you late in year
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Comment posted by john booth at 16:49 on 1st Mar 2010
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john booth says:yet again thanks for a great weekend
Our Reply:Boothy!! We'll have to start calling you The Major - as you're becoming a permenant resident!! Look forward to seeing you again at Easter
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Comment posted by nicu at 13:51 on 24th Feb 2010
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nicu says:enjoyed our stay last year for one night that we have booked to come for 4 nights in june. Our 4 year old loved her bed by the sea! See you then.
Our Reply:Cool - see you in June!
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Comment posted by mick smith at 21:18 on 15th Feb 2010
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mick smith says:Hi dougie and mandy, thanx for a fantastic break and for making my wifes birthday so memorable with your much appreciated touches. Next time we come to blackpool we need not search for our hotel. thanks again mick and lynn (room 24 12th, 13th feb 2010)
Our Reply:You're welcome - thanks for your business!
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Comment posted by john,judy booth at 16:33 on 15th Feb 2010
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john,judy booth says:thanks dug and mandy for a great valentine week end.we will be back,you and all the team made us most welcome,especially saturday night,or should i say sunday morning,lol.once again thanks.from a non oasis manc.
Our Reply:Hi John and Judy - LOL...see you again!!
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Comment posted by JOSLIN FAMILY at 21:52 on 8th Jan 2010
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JOSLIN FAMILY says:hello doug and mandy a BIG thankyou once again for making our holiday (back in october) absolutely perfect.everything about our stay was excellent, the staff, the hotel comforts, the entertainment(karaokes) and of course yourselves! its great to come back year after year and meet up with the same guests, some of which have now become our friends.can't wait until next october, when we will be staying with you again. we hope you will still be there otherwise it won't be the same.happy new year to you both and your family. with love and best wishes from ellen, darren, lewis and ben x
Our Reply:Cheers guys - sorry for delay in responding - I missed these somehow! HNY to you guys too!! See you in October!
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Comment posted by Jack Cain at 23:20 on 5th Jan 2010
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Jack Cain says:Hi Doug & Mandy, What can we say that has,nt already been said, Once again weve had a brilliant New Year at the Canasta,Your hospitality is second to none. The friends we,ve made over the years make it better every year.we,d like to thank Jimmy&marlene Phil & Jenny, Ray & Julie ,and all the Brummies . Not forgeting Taffy Tom Tom ,Big Brian & Pat for there fantastic company making it a truly enjoyable time
Our Reply:Whoops...missed a couple of comments - sorry for the delay Cheers Jack and the Gang - see you all soon!!
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