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Comment posted by Shaun & Jac at 16:44 on 27th Jan 2009
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Shaun & Jac says:Hi Mandy & Doug, We had a brill time last weekend at your hotel, the accomodation is excellent, food is great and the entertainment was fantastic. Karioke was very entertaining and i must say that Colin's (proper geordie) rendition of the aniversary waltz was amazing. great time had, recomend to all and see you most definately again.
Our Reply:Hi Shaun & Jac...glad you enjoyed it...hope to see you again later this year maybe
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Comment posted by lynne & jack at 20:03 on 8th Jan 2009
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lynne & jack says:Well dont think we can top the comments so far. What a fantastic time we had it was the best yet
Company was fantastic both old and new lovely to see downtown annie and rod, brownee and sandra aggie and andy and not forgetting the wonderful lee although we dont think he'll ever reach the dizzy heights of funny girls but who cares when you got the fab canasta. Fancy dress was also the best yet thinking caps really on fire for 2009
just to say doug and mandy you are the dogs danglers when it comes to hosting a good do. Thanks for all the great comments about the wigan crew but it wouldnt be the same without any one of you everybody gives it there all. Soooooooooooo looking forward to getting together again in 2009 dont forget to keep us up to date with dates rod. See you all very soon god bless
Jack and Lynne alias (stevie woolworths and mary hopeless)
Our Reply:hahaha..Mary were the BEST!!!
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Comment posted by Big Al, Anne, Phil, Cathy at 21:35 on 8th Jan 2009
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Big Al, Anne, Phil, Cathy says:Hi Doug,Mandy and all your staff thank you all so much for such a brilliant time what a great way to bring in the new year the company and the food were first class our first visit at new year and we will definately be doing it again thanks again xxx
Our Reply:Och Aye The Noo Year!!!!!
Thanks for your company guys!!!!!!!!
See you all in September!!!
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Comment posted by Becky at 21:14 on 7th Jan 2009
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Becky says:Hey Doug thanx for a fantastic time at new year, i'll send u photos in an email :)
Our Reply:Hi Bexter
You're most welcome - thanks for coming!!! And thanks for all those pics you sent tonight.....those will keep me busy tomorrow getting them on the site
Be Lucky, kid!!
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Comment posted by Thomas Eaves at 17:18 on 7th Jan 2009
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Thomas Eaves says:Thanks to all at the Canasta for a great new Year,It was our first time there and myself and my wife thoroughly enjoyed it. we'll be back.
Thomas & Mary
Our Reply:Thanks for that Thomas and Mary - we're glad you enjoyed it!! See you at easter and again at New Year (I see you booked both dates already!)
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Comment posted by Andy and Nadine at 11:50 on 7th Jan 2009
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Andy and Nadine says:Thanks Dougie and Mandy for setting 2009 off on a high.Never have i stayed in such a well dressed,well mannered well tuned and well oiled establishment.Well it was wonderful and well see you soon.Hi to all.
Andy and Nadine.
Our Reply:Cheers Andy & Nadine - you were a great laugh - as always
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Comment posted by Jimmy(Chubby) & Marl. at 13:23 on 6th Jan 2009
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Jimmy(Chubby) & Marl. says:Hiya Doug & Mandy, just wanna say thanks to yourself, Mandy & all your wonderful staff for another fantastic Canasta New Year.It was great to see all the old crowd again who help to make it an unforgettable New Year.Thanks to all the new faces too for their company & hopefully we will see you later on in the year, sometime around June or July (When the sun is shining & we might be able to see the bloody sea from our 'Sea View'room!) Special thanks to Jack n Lynne & Ray n me Julie for their company.Thanks again, see you all soon.
Jimmy & Marl.
Our Reply:Whey hey.....CHUBBY!!!!
I think EVERYBODY excelled this year BUT.,...YOU and JACK got the top spot for the BEST Fancy Dress!!! I mean even had the dance down to a "T" !!! Has he been practicing that Marlene?
Thanks for your company - and that's for ALL the Wigan Crew and we'll see you later in 2009!!
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by colin veitch at 16:47 on 5th Jan 2009
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colin veitch says:Hi Doug & Mandy,
Well what can i say!! Superb time had by all, loads of new faces and singers but the same brilliant atmosphere!!
Wonderful food! Great costumes!!
Will never look at the WIGAN crewe again without laughing!! Great effort!! Thanks to all the staff for super service, all the old and new canasta family we have met!! but most of all thanks again to the hosts with the most!!
Cheers again c u soon,
Colin & Doontoon Annie xx
Our Reply:Cheers Rod Stewpot!!!
Thanks again for helping making it so special. Thanks for the pics you mailed me...I'll get them up as soon as others start sending theirs in too.
Cheers for now
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Doug at 14:27 on 5th Jan 2009
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Doug says:REMINDER....
Please send me your pics and videos from New Year as soon as poss...
Our Reply:ADULTS ONLY - the comic above is for adults only - if you are under 18 you MUST NOT click on it!!!
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Comment posted by AndynGail at 09:33 on 4th Jan 2009
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AndynGail says:We would just like to thank Shugs and Smiffy for making this Xmas and new year one of the best we have ever had.Our time at the cottage at Xmas was superb,made all the better with the boys(dogs) being there.New year was something else,with a few new faces there, hopefully they enjoyed there self`s as much as we did.All the effort for the fancy dress night was exellent especially the Wigan crew. (Nutters)Too many people to mention on the night so big thanks to all for making it great.Till next time look after your self`s,we want to meet you all again next year.Love and best wishes AndynGail.
PS Shugs give Mandy a wedgy from me.
Our Reply:LOL.........WEEDDDDDDGGGGYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes...Xmas was fantastic this year - havn't felt that chilled out for a LOONNNGG time so thanks both of you for that. Mandy really enjoyed it time I'll make sure she packs some proper fell walking boots and we'll go out for a proper YOMP!! Videos coming the meantime I've been messing about
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Comment posted by Ray and Julie Clegg AKA Ringo at 14:32 on 3rd Jan 2009
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Ray and Julie Clegg AKA Ringo says:Doug and Mandy
Our first year at the best bash in town brilliant atmosphere created by you and Mandy and all the other guests were fantastic company we felt like we had known you all for years but i guess that is what happens when nice people get together cant wait for next year already . Pass our thanks on to all your staff they were hardworking polite and a credit to youThanks one and all c u all soon .Ps Jack and Lynn you were right it was brill!!! ta
Love Julie and Ringo
Our Reply:Cheers for that Ringo and me Julie - it was real nice to meet you - thanks for helping to make it special!!!
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Comment posted by lorraine loftus at 19:40 on 2nd Jan 2009
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lorraine loftus says:Hi Doug and Mandy
What a Fantastic New Year we had !!!!!The atmosphere was brilliant the food delicious and the company excellent.You made everyone feel welcome and at home.It was fun all the way, from the moment we stepped into the hotel until the last goodbyes.Thank you to your good selves and to all the wonderful people we met and made our New Year the best one ever.all the very best for 2009
Lorraine and Jamiex x x
PS Cant wait to see all the photos
Our Reply:Cheers Lorraine and Jamie - it was pretty good wasnt it!!!
Thanks for your company!!!
Reminder to everyone....SEND ME YOUR PICCIES!!!!
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Comment posted by Becky at 23:59 on 22nd Dec 2008
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Becky says:Hey doug just wanted to wish all of you a merry xmas and to say that we are really looking foward to staying with you at new year :) from lil diva ;) and family xxxx
Our Reply:Cheers Becky!!! See you all soon!!
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Comment posted by jan at 09:31 on 9th Dec 2008
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jan says:Hi Doug and Mandy,Just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant end of season was fantastic as always.And also wanted to say thank you for my gorgeous cake and wonderful presents i got from was a lovely surprise.Hope you enjoyed your hols.Looking forward to New Year sure it will be brill cos The Canasta certainly knows how to throw a party.See you all soon xx Love Jan
Our Reply:Hey Up Chucks....see you soon xx
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Comment posted by Jamie Loftus at 18:53 on 10th Dec 2008
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Jamie Loftus says:hi doug mandy, not long now until new years bash, 21 days and counting. If its half as good as our other stays at the Canasta we are in for a grrrrrrrrrreat time. fancy dress costumes bought oooooooooooo were excited!!!! See you soonJamie n Loubie
Our Reply:hahaha....see you soon!!!
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