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Comment posted by Wendy & Graeme at 08:55 on 17th Aug 2004
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Wendy & Graeme says:Sometimes you book somewhere on the internet and u think "OhMyGod"(OMG) am I really going to stay there? Well this is one of those places that you should be honoured to stay at. Doug is the host wiv the most (and some more if required) Mandy is the Hostess with the mostest (and the paintbrush in the cellar) Terry is the barman all us publicans wish we could employ and the other guy behind the bar (the Elvis Fanatic - soz I cant remember your name hun) is a joy to meet - fab barmen especially if you want a last minute kebab or pizza delivered. The chef is no longer at the Canasta but believe me you will not be left wanting for food choices - Choose the breakfast (All In If You Dare - don't don't don't!!!!!!)Breakfast is to die for - if you eat it all you will not be able to walk for at least an hour after - but if evening meals are required - just ASK! Mandy, Doug, Terry, and Elvis will recommend the most fab places ever - we know! we ate there!
Thank you guys for making our last minute Break away so welcoming - you make us wanna come back for New Year but we are both working this New year - Can u book us in for 2005???????? Pleeeeeezzzzeeeeeee???????
Keep it happy guys and keep it the way it is - you are the best Hotel we have found in the UK and that is no mean feat! Ohhhh bye the way Mandy.....there's a spider in your hair.............TC all and best wishes from Wendy n Graeme - Rm 33 - 13th-16th Aug 2004 (best sunset from rm 33 by the way!)
Our Reply:Hi guys
WOW - thanks for the comments!!!!!!
Yes - we can pre-book you for NYE 2005
I'll pass comments ot to "Roger 'Elvis' Vincent Jones"
Come Back Soon !!!!!!!!!
Doug and Mandy and the team at the Canasta
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Comment posted by Samantha & Vic at 09:43 on 9th Aug 2004
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Samantha & Vic says:Stayed from 22-25th July, room 7!.Second visit to the Canasta, this time for our honeymoon. Service was exceptional, flowers were beautiful and the room was perfect. Would not even contemplate staying anywhere else in Blackpool from now on.Thanks to everyone for a wonderful stay & see you next year!
Samantha & Vic
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for the comments
Glad you liked the flowers
BIG GOOD LUCK from all at the Canasta !!!!
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Comment posted by Gary&Michele Mellor at 15:00 on 8th Aug 2004
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Gary&Michele Mellor says:we stay at your hotel on 9th July til 10th. We had a lovely time and planning to come back next year.Our room was so clean and tidy, the breakfast was to die for, see you all next july.
Our Reply:Thanks guys!!!!!!
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Comment posted by mark wilton at 10:57 on 8th Aug 2004
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mark wilton says:your webcams are excellent,even better than last year. not to sure about spiders web on one of the views, can't see through it.
Our Reply:Thanks Mark
Yes - the one pointing South - the casing has gone - I'm looking for somebody to replace it
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Comment posted by Lisa at 10:26 on 3rd Aug 2004
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Lisa says:Just wanted to say that my partner and i stayed last September and my partner has booked us another trip this september. I can't wait. I'm glad you got the award we did vote for you. People just don't belive me when i tell them how great your hotel is. See you soon xxxP.S Your web cams are more addictive than Big Brother.
Our Reply:Hi Lisa - thanks for that!!!!
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Comment posted by Carol, Harry and Louise Mason at 04:41 on 3rd Aug 2004
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Carol, Harry and Louise Mason says:Hi all at the Canasta,We had another great week at the hotel (third time!). Room 9 has been our favourite so far. You deserve the prize you won. See you all again.Cheers!!
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for that !!!!
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Comment posted by becca at 13:10 on 1st Aug 2004
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becca says:hi ya people canasta hotel !!!!
your hotel looks fabulous and so very posh
Our Reply:Thanks Becca
- it's not that posh
....but we like it :o)
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Comment posted by Ses & Kath at 07:40 on 22nd Jul 2004
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Ses & Kath says:Doug & Mandy. Went to see Rat Pack last night at Darlington you were right it is a brilliant show realy enjoyed it, hope to see you shortly all the best Ses & Kath
Our Reply:Hi Ses and Kath
Yes - I LOVED it at the Haymarket - so much that the 2nd night we gave our tickets for Mamma Mia to the waiter and booked to see it again - sad or what!!
Glad you enjoyed it!!
See you soon
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by derek west at 07:33 on 20th Jul 2004
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derek west says:Had a nice time Dan was very helpfull nice team of people highly recomended will be back derek & Suzanne (Bristol)
Our Reply:Hi Derek and Suzanne
Thanks for taking the time to make those comments
Hope to see you again soon
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by janette gardiner at 15:03 on 19th Jul 2004
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janette gardiner says:Im on my 3rd day home (sob sob!) and missing your tea already! Well what can i say? Myself Reggie Amy Angela and Aleesha had a great time on our 4 day stay at the canasta hotel. We were very impressed with everything about the hotel and couldnt fault it in anyway.From the georgous food to the cleanliness, not forgetting the NUMEROUS POTS OF TEA! we went through, all was great! Can i say though Doug i just got home and had to go to town on Saturday to get amy a Teapot, as she thought it was great to pour her own tea, as i normally just put bag in mug and pour in water (ha ha ha ) laziness i know! Now shes asking what that thing was you gave her to jingle when she was up singing (sshhhhhhh) All in all, we had a great time and will be recommending you to family and friends.Hope to see yous all again very soon
lots of love and take care
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for your comments
It was our pleasure!!
Come back soon!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Simon Ricketts at 11:04 on 18th Jul 2004
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Simon Ricketts says:We've just got back from our 3 day stay at The Canasta which was our first ever visit to the hotel. The Quality/ Cleanliness of the rooms, Breakfasts, Quiet location and Excellent service were the four main things that spring to mind. We really enjoyed our stay and would love to come back next year. Apologies for the pain I inflicted on the other guests when I attempted to sing that Robbie Williams song! doh.Many thanks to all the staff for an excellent stay.
Our Reply:Hi Simon
Thanks for taking the time to make those comments
I thought you did well on Angels!!
Come back soon
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Comment posted by Lindsay & Samantha at 06:26 on 15th Jul 2004
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Lindsay & Samantha says:Just like to say a huge thanks for a great week. Everybody & everything perfect, couldn't fault a thing. Will be passing your details onto friends. Samantha now thinks she is a star in the making after her performance at the karaoke!!
Our Reply:Thanks guys
Come back and croon soon!!
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Comment posted by mike,mandy & rosie at 14:29 on 12th Jul 2004
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mike,mandy & rosie says:to doug and mandy,and all at the canasta !it was the first time we have stayed at your hotel,and we all felt welcome from the moment we arrived !the room was great,so was the breakfast and the singing in the evening !big respect to aiden !hope to see you all soon! for the lights ! and we will be recommending you to all our family and friends :)) till next time thankyou !
mike,mandy & rosie.
Our Reply:Hi guys
Yes - Aidey was a bit special wasn't he - in fact it was quite a good weekend for singers - had a few good ones in methinks
Come back soon but BOOK EARLY!!!
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Gemma & Emma at 06:40 on 5th Jul 2004
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Gemma & Emma says:Hi Guys! Thanks for a lovely weekend. Hotel was even better than the pictures, and in the most perfect location! Only problem was when the shower cut off (Ooooh chilly!) but it got sorted, and you was very helpful with our every need. Thanks Again! We will be back soon!
From Gemma & Emma!
Our Reply:Hi Gemma and Emma!
:o) - sorry about the shower - not sure what happened there - think there's an air lock somewhere - all sorted now
Thanks for your business - come back soon!
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Carol and Bob at 15:12 on 4th Jul 2004
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Carol and Bob says:Hi Doug, Mandy and all at the Canasta.Thanks for a lovely couple of days and as always your hotel and hospitality exceeds all expectations, what can one say - excellent we reckon.Ladies,leave your husband in the lounge with the newspaper and cup of coffee and book in for a pamper with Elaine and you won't be disappointed, I wasn't it was fab.I do have one complaint though - Bob now thinks he's Dean Martin and cannot stop singing at home (hes driving me nuts!!) he says he's rehearsing for the next visit.
Carol and Bobxxx
Our Reply:Hi Carol and Bob
Thanks again!!
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"You receive a personal welcome on arrival. The hotel is spotless and clean. The service is spot on. And the breakfast that was the tops. We would visit the Canasta Hotel again. "

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