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Comment posted by tina & john baker at 21:04 on 17th Feb 2004
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tina & john baker says:looking forward to coming,life has been hectic due to 5 kids,one 4 weeks old.10 years since the last one.much needed break,can`t wait to come.forgot how hard babies can be,see you its as good as all your comments say
Our Reply:I hope we live up to your expectations !!!!
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Comment posted by Sam Horton at 15:09 on 17th Feb 2004
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Sam Horton says:Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic valentines weekend! we were treated wonderfully and i especially liked the box of roses left in our room :) also the breakfast and frank sinatra tribute were superb...although i hasten to add that i look nothing like harry potter! will definitely come back as soon as possible. all the best
Our Reply:Hi Sam
Thanks for your business - the pleasure was ours
Hope to see you again later this year
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by JAMIE AND SHARON at 14:49 on 17th Feb 2004
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JAMIE AND SHARON says:Thanks for a great weekend.
We both enjoyed our stay at The Canasta Hotel,we felt very welcome andthe breakfast was great. We can tell you that if and when we come backto Blackpool we would have no hesitation in coming back to The Canasta Hotel.
Our Reply:Thanks guys
We really appreciate your business!!!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Colleen Kneen at 08:12 on 17th Feb 2004
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Colleen Kneen says:Well we knew you would do it. We are absolutely made up. We always choose the best hotel and now everybody knows. It is so well deserved due to hard work, commitment, knowing what people want and treating everyone like family. We are really pleased for you, we knew you could it and you have. Enjoy the next year and give yourselves a big pat on the back. Hope to see you soon. Colleen and Philx
Our Reply:Thanks guys!!!!!!
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Comment posted by Chris and Michelle Ikin at 16:09 on 15th Feb 2004
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Chris and Michelle Ikin says:We would like to let you know that we enjoyed our stay in your hotel,the service was the best we have ever had , and you were all sofriendly, we hope to come back for another stay at easter.
From Chris and Michelle Ikin
Our Reply:Hi Chris and Michelle
The pleasure was ours
Book Early for Easter!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by carole at 10:56 on 15th Feb 2004
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carole says:After looking on the internet to find a hotel i happened across your web page and i have to say after reading it, i can't wait to come i have laughed lots while going through it and i think you must have a good sense of humour well lets hope so.
Our Reply::o) Hi Carole
We'll look forward to meeting you
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Comment posted by Bob and Carol Birley at 11:48 on 12th Feb 2004
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Bob and Carol Birley says:HI Doug and Mandy
Just checked your web site as usual, YOU'VE WON the award WELL DONE ABSOUTELY FABTASTIC, WELL DESERVED. We are glad those 50.000 entries we wrote did the trick, only joking, you run the best Hotel ever and you two plus the staff are fab and we would never stay anywhere else in Blackpool but remember to those reading this book early as you might have to stay elsewhere!!.
Our Reply:Hi Bob and Carol
:o) THANKS guys !!!
See you later in the year!
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Dave and Laura at 09:19 on 10th Feb 2004
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Dave and Laura says:Hi Doug, Mandy and the Canasta staff. Just thought we would post a message to say thank you so much for the most excellent time we have ever spent in blackpool.. We absoloutely love your hotel and we are planning to come back within a month or so.. Thank you again so much! I might even have another go on Karaoke! ;) Dave & Laura
Our Reply:Hi guysCome back soon
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by laura and dave at 07:33 on 10th Feb 2004
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laura and dave says:Thank you for a fantasic time, We really enjoyed staying at your hotel We will definatly be coming again( if you will have us again) Doug your singing is perfect:)and and mandy your not as bad as you think you are put it one way your beter than me and you have the guts to sing infront of compleate strangers.It was so much fun the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Thankyou again we hope to see you soon all the best love your favourite couple Laura and Dave xxx
Our Reply:Thanks guys
Come back real soon y'hear!
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Comment posted by Ian Johnson at 13:39 on 1st Feb 2004
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Ian Johnson says:Had a great stay and made to feel really welcome. Will definitly be booking up again same time next year. Lovely room and a fantastic breakfast.
Our Reply:Thanks for that Ian
The pleasure was ours!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Colleen and Phil at 06:37 on 30th Jan 2004
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Colleen and Phil says:Thank you for a brilliant time over New Year. Everything as always was fantastic. It was just like a big happy family. Hope I didnt make too much of a show of myself - can't remember too much. Hope you both have a brilliant year ahead and get the Hotel of the Year which your bound to do. Hope to see you both soon. Say hello to Mandy for me - missed her when we left. - Love Colleen and Philxxx
Our Reply:Hi guys - thanks fr the comments and your repeat business!!!!
Come back soon!!!!!!
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Comment posted by GRAHAM MEYNELL at 13:40 on 25th Jan 2004
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Our Reply:Thanks Graham!!
Glad you enjoyed it
Come back soon
You should have asked for our recommendations regarding restaurants - we always send folk to Mamma's in town centre - delicious Italian food (steak and chicken dishes too) - and GREAT atmosphere - busy restaurant (who wants to go to a quiet restaurant??) but can usually get in without a reservation
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Gary and jules at 11:12 on 22nd Jan 2004
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Gary and jules says:Hi its Gary and Jules.
Thanks for a great weekend hope i never drove you mad. We will come again if you have me.You managed well with out the old man bein there.The service was great and the staff could't asked for better. Hope to se ypou soon
gary and jules
Our Reply:OY!!!
Less of the OLD man :o)
Mandy says: "It was my pleasure....glad you enjoyed it and yes we'd love to have you back soon!!"
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Lee Randall at 02:38 on 22nd Jan 2004
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Lee Randall says:Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much. We have hadan excellent weekend and your hospitality was first class.
Cant wait to come back in september
all the best
Lee Randall
Our Reply:Thank you, I'm glad you had a good weekend, the weather could have been a bit better but never mind it didn't seem spoil things for you
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Comment posted by Linda and Gary Essex at 15:07 on 18th Jan 2004
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Linda and Gary Essex says:Thank you for a lovely weekend. We really enjoyed the company and help of you and your staff and Mandy your husband can go and play golf as often as he wants as you managed the hotel brilliantly. Look forward to seeing you all soon. xxx
Our Reply:Thanks a lot Linda and Gary
Glad you enjoyed it
Come back soon

Aww...thanks for that - I'll go away in April then :o)

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