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Comment posted by Kenisha Sampson at 13:37 on 23rd Aug 2003
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Kenisha Sampson says:My stay was a memorable one. I like the hospitality. I found this hotel to be very comfortable and I am looking forward to another visit.
Our Reply:Thanks for that!!!
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Comment posted by Mrs Jane Bebbington at 10:48 on 22nd Aug 2003
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Mrs Jane Bebbington says:We have just returned from staying at this hotel. The hotel is very clean and the rooms are nicely decorated with adequate space. The breakfasts are very enjoyable and filling. We will definately return.
Our Reply:Thanks for that - glad you enjoyed it
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Comment posted by bob marley at 14:53 on 20th Aug 2003
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bob marley says:hiya! my family and i are all looking forward to our stay with you. we are comin up to you on the 31st of august. there is 5ive of us and my brother lou will deafinatly trying for your breakfast challenge! can't wait to see you all! and i am sure we will have a good time!buh bye for now!love bobbyxxxps. brilliant web page.
Our Reply:Hi Bob
We'll look forward to welcoming you!
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Comment posted by Lee N Gill at 14:52 on 20th Aug 2003
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Lee N Gill says:Hi Doug n Mandy
We had a wonderfull chill at your hotel.thanks for making us feel welcome. Room 33 excellant the breakfast well what can we say Superb!! Any tattoos YET? We will be staying again without a doubt. Lee n Gill xx
Our Reply:Hi Lee n Gill
Any tattoo's ???
Thanks for the comments
Come back soon
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Comment posted by Ken Warren at 17:28 on 20th Aug 2003
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Ken Warren says:Had a great stay with my daughter Amy was excellent, as were the staff. Looking forward to a return trip in September.The hotel was so clean and the bar prices were smashing. Until we meet again keep up the good work.
Our Reply:Hi Ken
Thanks for that!
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Comment posted by Jacqui & Andy at 14:12 on 20th Aug 2003
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Jacqui & Andy says:Room 16 10/8/2003
Fantastic hotel, have recommended you to our friends. Very impressed by your staff and the exceptional breakfast. Well done!!
Our Reply:Thanks guys!!!!!!!
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Comment posted by Heather at 18:22 on 18th Aug 2003
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Heather says:Looking forward to our stay at the beginning of September. Good website.
Our Reply:We're looking forward to welcoming you!!
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Comment posted by claire at 02:52 on 19th Aug 2003
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claire says:Had a very good stay at your hotel last week. Room 16 was very nice and clean with a really good view of the sea. The breakfast was lovely and the staff made us very welcome. Will be coming back in the future.
Our Reply:Thanks Claire!!!
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Comment posted by Naomi at 14:53 on 17th Aug 2003
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Naomi says:me and my family are really looking forward to are stay on august the 31st to september the 3rd. i'm sure the hotel will be even better than the web site. see ya soon love Naomi age 13.
Our Reply:Hi Naomi
See you all soon!!!
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Comment posted by Karen at 16:25 on 15th Aug 2003
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Our Reply:Hope to see you soon
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Comment posted by michelle gledhill at 13:50 on 13th Aug 2003
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michelle gledhill says:Had a great time my 4 year old neice loved room 5, it is now her room.
hope to see you again soon.
Our Reply:Hi Michelle
Thanks for that
Come back soon!!!!!!!!!!
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Comment posted by Sue & Ali Brown (stayed from 8/8 - 11/8, rm 33) at 10:25 on 13th Aug 2003
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Sue & Ali Brown (stayed from 8/8 - 11/8, rm 33) says:Just to say we enjoyed our stay and were impressed with the breakfast selection and the cleanliness of your hotel.Compliments to your chef he cooked a wonderful meal!!
All your staff made us feel very welcome and we will be happy to come back again in the future.
Thank you again.
Our Reply:Thanks very much!
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Comment posted by Barry & Sue Ellis at 12:54 on 11th Aug 2003
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Barry & Sue Ellis says:Room 33. Extremely enjoyable stay.
Hotel of exceptional quality and cleanliness.
Breakfast was great.
Will certainly come back again and have allready recommended to all our friends.Good luck for the future, Blackpool needs more like yourselves.
Our Reply:Hi Barry and Sue
Thanks very much for that!
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Comment posted by ritchie at 04:26 on 10th Aug 2003
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ritchie says:hi just like to say great site well the cams,outside cam is spot on.almost forgot about the hotel looks very nice hope to get to stay one day.thanks for your time bye for now.
Our Reply:Hi
Thanks for that!!
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Comment posted by The Farmery family. at 13:16 on 8th Aug 2003
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The Farmery family. says:Thanks for a great stay at the Canasta.
Lovely hotel, very pleasant staff. The room (27) was very nice and what can i say about the breakfasts!! I didnt need to eat again till tea time!!
Superb pint of Carlsberg as well. ;-)
Thanks for an enjoyable holiday.
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for your business!!!
Hope to see you again soon
regards Doug & Mandy
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"Having been to Blackpool on numerous occasions the Canasta Hotel was by far the most homely and welcoming hotel that we have stayed in. The room was always warm and comfortable, which made the whole Blackpool experience more enjoyable. "

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