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Comment posted by Carol Heywood at 12:34 on 2nd Jun 2003
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Carol Heywood says:Hi there
What a fantastic web site.
Not stayed at the hotel yet but getting dates together ready to book. We visit Blackpool about 6 times a year and have been looking for a Hotel like yours.
I have read the guest book and was quite amused at the comments made by Douglas and by what I have seen on your web site I dont think he would be happy staying at Buckingham Palace!!!
Hope you have the availability for our booking.
Carol Heywood
Our Reply:Hi Carol
Thanks for the comments - book soon - advance bookings are phenomenal this year!!
Yes....must admit I was tempted not to publish the complaint - I do have the administrative power to deny the listing in the guestbook - but I thought it's constructive and it is, honestly, the first complaint we have had
Bottom line is that he wasn't happy which I am sorry about. Anyway...enough about that...
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Comment posted by vicky pay at 10:13 on 2nd Jun 2003
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vicky pay says:Hi Doug
Just a quick note to thank you for a fab stay!!
As it was my birthday on the Saturday you made it extra special with my birthday breakfast, very impressed as well as very embarrassed
he heee its all good fun.
Must apologise for use getting a little drunk and rowdy on the sat night, hope we didnít disturb or upset anyone!! If so soooooooooorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy
Thanks again
Vicky & Ted
Our Reply:Hi Vicky and Ted
Nah.....I was pottering about anyway and you took your cue at my grumbles to scarper up to bed at 2:30 :o))
We'd be glad of your business ANY time - come back soon
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Comment posted by martyn smith at 14:04 on 1st Jun 2003
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martyn smith says:superb value for money,will use again without doubt (if they have room !!!!!)
everyone very pleasant and helpfull
Our Reply:Hi Martyn
Thanks for your kind comments
Hope to see the four of you again soon!!!!!!
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Comment posted by geoff@peggy smith at 10:00 on 1st Jun 2003
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geoff@peggy smith says:i must write back i was reading the comments
we found the staff very helpful,and pleasant. it as been a very warm week. there was no heaters on. we put on the fan all the time when in room.we had windows parking it does state first come first served.we left our car at home because we knew it would be very busy.
we came by national express bus.we got a 3 day tram ticket which was cheap.
thanks again we enjoyed the stay.we are comming again this year i hope.
best stay in blackpool we have had
Our Reply:Hi Geoff and Peggy
Thanks for the comments - I guess you read the complaint we got further down. Yes - this weekend was particularly hot wasn't it
Glad you enjoyed your stay with us
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Comment posted by Liz at 12:06 on 30th May 2003
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Liz says:We had the best holiday ever,all the staff were really friendly,Breakfasts were exellent even though ive put on about a stone in weight.We loved it so much we are hoping to stay again in a couple of months....hope to see you all again soon.
Liz xx
Our Reply:Hi Liz
Best holiday EVER?????????
WOW - that's some accolade for us!!!
I see you already booked another couple of rooms
See you all again soon!!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by mr g smith at 09:01 on 31st May 2003
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mr g smith says:had a nice time no rowdies.
got a good night sleep
nice room will be booking again later
staff very good.
Our Reply:Hi
Thanks for the comments!!
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Comment posted by douglas at 15:23 on 29th May 2003
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douglas says:We stayed at the Canasta over bank holiday weekend. I'm afraid I was unimpressed.
The room was very small and far too hot. I think that parking was inadequate for so many rooms, and if you think you'll find somewhere to park in the local streets, forget it!
Breakfast was good, the staff were helpful, if not particularly friendly. I think for the room we had 70 quid was excessive.
Bet this doesn't get published, though!
Our Reply:Hi
I'm really sorry you didn't enjoy your stay .
YES....I will publish this - it's constructive.
Room 25 - I'm sorry you found it small - I think room 25 is a standard size. In the room folders we explain how you can turn off the central heating for your room.
Car Park
If everybody arrives in a car then we won't have enough space.
Blackpool was designed in the days of the steam train and car parking is a problem for ALL hotels. We actually have an excellent ratio of car park spaces to beds - some of our neighbours have 40 rooms and only 4 spaces!! Our 18 spaces is "usually" enough. However I understand that you thought I said we had "copious" amounts of car parking - not so - I explain to everybody that we have 18 spaces. You were obviously upset that you couldn't park which is why I gave you £10 discount.
This is our first real complaint in the guestbook out of 149 entries - I'm publishing it because it's constructive.
I am, genuinely, sorry that you didn't enjoy your visit with us.
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Comment posted by louise,john & kids at 15:09 on 27th May 2003
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louise,john & kids says:Its a shame we only had the time to stay one night, we had the 3 course sunday lunch at a fantastic price of £8.95 the food was excellent value for money and was delicious. The rooms were well equiped and the hotel was clean. a lovely freindly service awaited us and you came out to greet us as we arrived a lovely guesture. We will be coming up again in august time with some frienda minus the kids and we will be sure to be staying with you then thanx for the short but very nice break.
Our Reply:Thanks Louise
See you in August!!!!!!
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Comment posted by Harold Payne at 08:46 on 27th May 2003
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Harold Payne says:First Class, Good Rooms, Great Breakfast, excellent service and an added bonus of wonderful evening menu great food at great prices
Our Reply:Thanks for your kind comments
Hope to see you again
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Comment posted by louise graham at 15:20 on 27th May 2003
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louise graham says:Shame we only got to stay the one night the hotel was lovely and clean with attention to detail, the food was excellent value for money and was delicious, staff were warm and friendly and when we arrived you came out to greet us that was very sincere not to mention the much needed cuppa before we unpacked. We will be back thats for sure. Im choosey about where i stay but will be recommending you with out a doubt.
Louise, John and kids.
Our Reply:Aww...Thanks for the kind, sincere comments
It's nice to know that our appreciation of your business is noted.
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Comment posted by Leigh Tyler at 05:46 on 27th May 2003
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Leigh Tyler says:Hello there!!
Just to let you know how much we both enjoyed our stay at your lovely hotel.The room was absolutely beautiful, and the service was first class, we couldn't of asked for anymore!!
We will be definitely be back sometime in the year without a doubt, but for longer this time!!
Thank you once again for such good service and a warm welcome!!
Kind Regards
Leigh Tyler.
Our Reply:Hi Leigh
Thanks for your kind words
Hope to see you again soon
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Colleen at 07:32 on 24th May 2003
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Colleen says:Dear Mandy and Doug,
Hope you have a great Bank Holiday week end. We were too late to book. Will miss not being there. We have booked for October but will probably be back before then. Dougie dont be having any late nights!!
Love Colleen and Phil
Our Reply:Hi Colleen
Yes- it's another bumper weekend at the Canasta!!!
The sun has just come out also and it's GLORIOUS here!!!
See you in October
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Comment posted by Sara Humphreys at 06:06 on 22nd May 2003
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Sara Humphreys says:Fabulous Website!
today have looked at the room we are staying in (32), which you have just added, looks great!
We are treating our niece and nephew to a weekend in Blackpool, they are so excited and so are we.
See you in August :o)
Our Reply:Hi Sara
- thanks for the comments
Yes....finally got around to adding some more rooms to the Virtual Tour - only 5 more to do......
See you in August!!
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Comment posted by Jackie & Adam at 15:23 on 19th May 2003
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Jackie & Adam says:Your website is great hoping to come to the canasta hotel in august the four poster bedrooms look fantastic!
Hope to make our reservation soon!
Our Reply:Hi guys
The 4-posters have been booked for most weekends in August already!!! Give us a ring and we can let you know immediately if it's available: 01253 290501
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Comment posted by Stephen Whitbread at 04:48 on 19th May 2003
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Stephen Whitbread says:Have just spent the weekend with my 7 year old son. Service was superb room was great thank you very much
Our Reply:Hi Stephen
Thanks for the comments - come back soon!!
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"Blackpool is bright busy and noisy, yet step into the confine of the Canasta H4otel, it's very relaxing, drinking at the table watching the sun go down. "

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