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Comment posted by Carol,Bob, Darryl and Abbie at 10:48 on 22nd Jun 2003
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Carol,Bob, Darryl and Abbie says:Hi Doug, Mandy and all the staff,
Once again thanks for your hospitality this weekend and to anyone out there looking at the web site take our advice.... Dont leave it too late "Just book it" as you won't be disappointed but you will be if you have to stay anywhere else.
See you all again August Bank Holiday and thanks for being so accomadating.
Carol,Bob,Darryl and Abbie
Our Reply:Hi Guys
Thanks again !
3 visits in 3 weeks...we must be getting it right!
See you in August
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Paul & Tracey at 15:01 on 19th Jun 2003
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Paul & Tracey says:Spent a great three days with you and even the broken boiler didn't spoil things as you went out of your way to make sure we had everything we needed. The breakfast was unbeleivable and the evening meal we also had whilst staying with you was excellent.
We will be back!!!
Our Reply:Hi guys...
Broken boiler?
Oh yeah....that was a while ago...the boiler failed on the old side and we had to let you use the rooms on the new side to use the shower
Thanks for your understanding!
Come back soon!
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Hayley Lewis at 05:37 on 18th Jun 2003
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Hayley Lewis says:Hi there, this web site is amazing! It certainly convinced me that I was on to a winner of a hotel, with devoted and friendly staff!
Its my 18th birthday at the end of September (29th), and im soon booking your hotel for my birthday celebration on the 3rd of October, cant wait! See u then,
love Hayley, from Bristol
x x x x
Our Reply:Hi Hayley
Great - we'll look forward to receiving your booking - don't wait too long - that weekend is probably the busiest of the year!!!
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Comment posted by Matt and Vicky at 06:14 on 18th Jun 2003
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Matt and Vicky says:Hi Dougie
just a quick message to say thanks for your hospitality over the weekend it was very nice and we also love the breakfast, the staff, everything!!
Definetely coming back so will be in touch to reserve it very soon.
Thanks again,
Matt and Vic
Our Reply:Hi Matt and Vicky
Thanks for the comments
Come back soon!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Bob and Carol at 12:29 on 17th Jun 2003
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Bob and Carol says:Hi Doug
Just a short note to say thanks for another great weekend,
Bob loved the celebration decorations in the room so much so he thought we had got another persons room and he was so pleased that they were for him.
Just in case you forgot we are coming back this weekend and are bringing the family with us and one of them has to stay in another hotel cos you are fully booked.
Glad its not us as we love the brekkie.
See you Friday
Bob and Carol
Our Reply:Hi Carol (and Bob)
Thanks for the comments (again) and for your repeat business
See you at the weekend
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Kath & Ses Baldwin at 01:50 on 16th Jun 2003
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Kath & Ses Baldwin says:After just calling in on the speck we came home feeling highly delighted and totaly satisfied due to the briliant welcome and great atmosphere not to forget the Chef or his bride to be (we think we know why she is getting married).
We are looking forward to staying with you again
best wishes Kath, Ses.
Our Reply:Hi Kath and Ses
Thanks for the comments
It's nice to be appreciated!!
Doug, Mandy and all the staff
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Comment posted by Nick Stokes and Debs Smith at 02:53 on 16th Jun 2003
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Nick Stokes and Debs Smith says:Marvellous! A great weekend; the room was lovely, the service was good and friendly, the All-In brekkie was too big... ;o)
All in all, thanks for a fantastic weekend! We shall definitely return! (and I'll train myself so I can give that breakfast a go next time...)
Our Reply:Hi Nick and Debs
tee hee....I'm thinking of giving a FREE NIGHT STAY to anybody who can beat the challenge....
Come back soon!!!
Doug and Mandy

I just added the Breakfast Challenge
Click here for more info...

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Comment posted by John & Libby Coe at 08:13 on 14th Jun 2003
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John & Libby Coe says:Stayed 11th to 14th June - Room 17
WOW !!!!!! What a View
Room, Staff, Breakfast and hotel were all Brilliant.
What more can we say.
Excellant web site. Will certainly recommend to everyone up here and WE WILL BE BACK.
Many thanks
Our Reply:Hi John and Libby is nice up there isn't it!
Come back soon!
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Comment posted by Nick Stokes at 03:34 on 10th Jun 2003
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Nick Stokes says:Cracking site! It definitely sold the hotel to me!
Myself and our lass can't wait to get there on Friday, looking forward to a great weekend with you!
Oh, and I'm also looking forward to taking up the 'Mighty Big Breakfast Challenge 2 ;o)
See you Friday!
Our Reply:Hi Nick
Thanks for the comments
Bwahahaha...I bet you can't do the " All-In " !!
That's Cereal, Yoghurt, Grapefruit, Kippers with two poached eggs, Pancakes with Maple syrup, Full English Fry-Up, Toast and jam, Tea/Coffee
Plenty have tried.....nobody succeeded yet!!!
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Comment posted by Carol and Bob at 10:08 on 8th Jun 2003
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Carol and Bob says:Hi Doug
Just to say thanks for making our stay with you so nice. Your hotel is excellent and so clean. The staff are lovely and who needs lunch after eating that breakfast?
The food in the restaurant was first class as well,please pass our compliments to the chef.
We look forward to coming back next weekend
Carol and Bob
Our Reply:Hi Guys!
Thanks for the comments!!
Coming back for more next weekend!!
Look forward to seeing you again
(...and Mandy says "Hi" from Corfu the lucky git!)
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Comment posted by steve and karen at 12:52 on 6th Jun 2003
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steve and karen says:what planet is douglas on?
We stayed 29 May - 1 June. Found everything 1st class. staff really friendly. rooms comfortable, breakfast excellent. look forward to coming back in the future.
p.s. have you found the "mirror" for room 14!!!
Our Reply:Hahahaha
Just to fill everybody in...Karen told me one morning that she didn't have a mirror...I thought it was strange and asked one of the staff to have a look in the basement for a replacement and if there wasn't one to go to the hardware store and buy one. She thought it odd too...and checked the room - there were three mirrors in there!!
It wasn't until the next day that we realised Karen meant she hadn't got the Daily Mirror she ordered!!! I felt such a twit...and , of course, all the staff are STILL taking the mickey out of me
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Comment posted by Mr E Marden at 06:47 on 6th Jun 2003
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Mr E Marden says:Very good site.
Does not tell what facilities children can use though
Our Reply:Okey dokes...I just added a new section to the "Further Information" page
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Comment posted by Carol Heywood at 12:34 on 2nd Jun 2003
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Carol Heywood says:Hi there
What a fantastic web site.
Not stayed at the hotel yet but getting dates together ready to book. We visit Blackpool about 6 times a year and have been looking for a Hotel like yours.
I have read the guest book and was quite amused at the comments made by Douglas and by what I have seen on your web site I dont think he would be happy staying at Buckingham Palace!!!
Hope you have the availability for our booking.
Carol Heywood
Our Reply:Hi Carol
Thanks for the comments - book soon - advance bookings are phenomenal this year!!
Yes....must admit I was tempted not to publish the complaint - I do have the administrative power to deny the listing in the guestbook - but I thought it's constructive and it is, honestly, the first complaint we have had
Bottom line is that he wasn't happy which I am sorry about. Anyway...enough about that...
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Comment posted by vicky pay at 10:13 on 2nd Jun 2003
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vicky pay says:Hi Doug
Just a quick note to thank you for a fab stay!!
As it was my birthday on the Saturday you made it extra special with my birthday breakfast, very impressed as well as very embarrassed
he heee its all good fun.
Must apologise for use getting a little drunk and rowdy on the sat night, hope we didnít disturb or upset anyone!! If so soooooooooorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy
Thanks again
Vicky & Ted
Our Reply:Hi Vicky and Ted
Nah.....I was pottering about anyway and you took your cue at my grumbles to scarper up to bed at 2:30 :o))
We'd be glad of your business ANY time - come back soon
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Comment posted by martyn smith at 14:04 on 1st Jun 2003
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martyn smith says:superb value for money,will use again without doubt (if they have room !!!!!)
everyone very pleasant and helpfull
Our Reply:Hi Martyn
Thanks for your kind comments
Hope to see the four of you again soon!!!!!!
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"Absolutely excellent accommodation, it is very clean nad beautifully decorated. Our hosts were friendly and welcoming. "

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