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Comment posted by Ange and Vikki Olson at 03:56 on 7th Jan 2003
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Ange and Vikki Olson says:This is the best hotel I have ever stayed in. The friendly family atmosphere and the great accomodation are second to none. If the Canasta is full then my daughter Vikki doesn't want to go to Blackpool the only hotel she'll stay at is there!
Our Reply:Hi girls
THANKS for the plug and congratulations on your engagement Ange - hope to see you in April
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Miss stewart at 07:52 on 4th Nov 2002
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Miss stewart says:It was very good in the room and the service was very very good
Our Reply:Thanks - come back soon
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Comment posted by Matthew & Angela at 05:53 on 31st Oct 2002
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Matthew & Angela says:Just a quick thank you for your wonderful hospitality on are short but brilliant stay with yourselves, we thought the food was excellent and there were mountains of it also the flowers and champagne were brilliant.
Angela never expected a thing!
The position of your Hotel is excellent for the trams and the tower also great views, we would have no hesitation of recommending you to any body, hopefully we will be back to see you all in the near future.
Matthew & Angela
Our Reply:Hi Matthew and Angela
Thanks very much for your kind comments
Hope to see you again next year
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by CATHERINE JACQUES at 04:49 on 22nd Oct 2002
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Our Reply:Hi Catherine
Thanks for the comments
I'll pass them on to Rachel - it's nice to get feedback - kinda makes it all worthwhile
See you all again soon I hope
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by alan webb at 05:33 on 7th Oct 2002
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alan webb says:An excellent website. The best I have ever seen for a hotel. Do you take group bookings, I am interested in next years illuminations for between 30 - 40 senior citizens but will need at least 5 singles to include courier & driver.
Our Reply:Hi
Thanks for the comments
Sorry - for the comfort of our regular guests we prefer NOT to take large group bookings
We find they tend to be a bit rowdy and "take over the hotel" making other guests a little uncomfortable.
The largest group we would accept is 4 couples
There are PLENTY of larger hotels that would be glad of your business though
Please see: Blackpool Hotel Guide
regards Doug
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Comment posted by stepen monaghan at 13:22 on 4th Oct 2002
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stepen monaghan says:Thank for my welcome u give. Cant way to come back again.
All the best,
Our Reply:Hi Steve
Hope to see you again next year
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Comment posted by Karen, Thomas and Heather Flood at 10:25 on 4th Oct 2002
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Karen, Thomas and Heather Flood says:Thanks for a lovely stay, your hotel was very clean and nicely decorated (not a net curtain in sight). Don't know if you get many Scottish people staying as I don't think Mandy understood a word we said! Not to worry. Heather was fine all the way home, must have been too many rides at the "Treasure Beach" as she called it. Just one point to note, we found our room was very cold in the morning, the radiator didn't appear to be on. Apart from that, had a lovely stay and the breakfasts were great. Thanks.
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for the comments
You should have told us you were cold - we didn't have the central heating on at all - we have free standing radiators you could have used
You should always let us know if theres anything amiss
Hope to see you again
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Paul, Jen & Isla Galloway at 14:17 on 23rd Sep 2002
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Paul, Jen & Isla Galloway says:We'd just like to say thank you very much for our holiday that we had a couple of weeks ago. We had a wonderful time!! That was the second time that we have visited the Canasta but the last time was 5 years ago!
We had absolutely no complaints and hope to return again sometime next year!!
Thanks again for giving us the base to a lovely holiday.
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for the comments
Hope you like the improvements!
See you again
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Francesca at 04:28 on 25th Sep 2002
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Francesca says:I would just like to say that this is truly the best hotel website I have ever visited (and I've visited many!!). Very detailed, well constructed and easy to navigate around. I hope you have availability for our requested date because I've seen the rest and now want to stay at what looks like one of the best hotels in Blackpool.
Our Reply:Hi Francesca
Thanks for the comments - we'll await your email regarding availability
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Comment posted by Vic Isaacs and family at 13:53 on 23rd Sep 2002
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Vic Isaacs and family says:Hi Doug and All,
Just a note to thank you for an excellent stay over the past 5 days, I, Brenda and the girls had a super time, and will certainly book again with you soon.
Breakfasts were excellent, I was slim before I arrived, now look at me?
Just one gripe (sorry), the scrambled eggs were the worse I have ever experienced, I had them first morning and not again even though I am very partial to that. They were soft, damp and powdered.
Only a little point from an otherwise excellent stay.
Vic, Brenda, Richard and Rachael.
Our Reply:Hi Vic
Our first complaint!!!
I said I'd publish all posts if they were constructive!!
Glad you had a good stay, Vic, the pleasure was ours
Really sorry about the scrambled eggs - don't really know what happened there - the chef was on his hols and eggs arn't Mandy's strongest point.
Mandy says next time you visit she'll serve you the best scrambled eggs you ever had!!
Come again soon y'all - especially the karaoke queens!!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by wendy at 08:47 on 12th Sep 2002
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wendy says:I must say your Hotel looks brilliant, I have been looking at your website for ages, I love the design of it, it must of taken ages to do.
My husband and myself will be staying at your lovely Hotel next year, we will book nearer the time,And as for the breakfast I can't wait.
Keep up the good work and best wishes to you all, you are doing a great job.
Love Wendy
P.S.... my website is here
Our Reply:Hi Wendy
Thanks for the comments - I like your website also!!!
... we look forward to meeting you next year - book early!!
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Lisa at 08:16 on 12th Sep 2002
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Lisa says:Thanks for a great stay at your hotel. We desperately needed a break away from our own business and certainly made the right choice by staying at the Canasta.
Lovely atmosphere, friendly staff, great breakfast(!)....what more can I say!
Thanks.See you again!
Lisa and Al
Our Reply:Hi Lisa
Thanks VERY MUCH for the comments
Yes...we're ready for a break also and have decided to close mid November until January - lots of exciting changes in the pipeline which we can't talk about yet....but watch this space!!!
Look forward to seeing you again
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Karen & Thomas Flood at 07:43 on 10th Sep 2002
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Karen & Thomas Flood says:Sorry, meant to add, Thomas is looking forward to the Mighty Breakfast, I have a feeling you may have your first request for another plate - ha ha!
Our Reply:Bwahahaha
NOBODY has asked for more yet!!!
Plenty say they will....but it never happens!!!
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Comment posted by Karen Flood at 07:42 on 10th Sep 2002
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Karen Flood says:We made a booking today to come and stay with you on 2-5 October, from the look of your website we just can't wait to come!
Been to Blackpool on many occasions as a single girl but this is the first time on a family holiday.
Love the sense of humour that comes across on the website.
Only one request - do you know Mary Poppins and would she pop us down there so we don't have to travel for 4 hours in the car all the way from Paisley in Scotland!
Our little girl Heather is so excited about coming.
Looking forward to meeting you guys.
Karen, Thomas and Heather Flood
Our Reply:Hi Guys
Thanks for the comments
Look forward to welcoming you soon
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Nicola Kind at 10:42 on 4th Sep 2002
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Nicola Kind says:Thankyou for accommadating my brother at short notice, we managed fine in the lovely room. One thing though, the bathroom door did not shut and had no lock which meant that one of us had to stand behind the door to keep it closed. Other than that the stay was lovely and we enjoyed going to the switching on of the lights. Thankyou very much.
Our Reply:Hi Nicola
Thanks for bringing it to our attention - we'll get it fixed asap
Come again soon
Doug and Mandy
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"Canasta Hotel was fabulous, warm - hearted considerate service, with first class English Breakfast cuisine. "

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