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Comment posted by Flora & Hugh at 07:45 on 15th Aug 2002
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Flora & Hugh says:Dear Mandy, Doug and all at the Canasta."A BIG CONGRATULATIONS" on achieving the 4 Diamonds you all deserve it.
Our Reply:Hi Guys
...couldn't have done it without that new door lock :o)
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Guy & Carrie Bretherton at 05:28 on 15th Aug 2002
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Guy & Carrie Bretherton says:Hi Doug,
I have received confirmation of our booking & we are looking forward to staying at your hotel. I came across your website by chance and am very glad I did I knew there was something special about it and felt I had to book but you were fully booked on the dates I wanted. I rang my husband &insisted that this was the only hotel I wanted to stay in so we changed our dates. The more I look through your web site ( I only glanced at first ) I knew we had made the right decision especially when you said you could do up rooms for special occasions (my daughters birthday). The more I look the more uncanny things become I spotted a golf section (my husband is a golf pro) so will be well happy he will have someone to talk shop with, anyway did not mean to go on just really pleased I found your hotel & got to book in. Look forward to meeting you,
Guy & Carrie Bretherton
Our Reply:Hi Guy and Carrie
We look forward to welcoming you on the 25th
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Sue at 08:45 on 13th Aug 2002
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Sue says:Hello,I really did feel that i would like to congratulate you on your web-site.
My husband and myself have just bought a small hotel in north shore blackpool.
We do not move in until November 2002.
If we can create the same warmth and hospitality through our website as you do with yours,then we will be on to a winner.
Congratulations on your 4 star award.
Susan and Ian.
Our Reply:Hi Scooby Sue!
Thanks for your comments!
I'll ask my sales manager, Gillian, to contact you.
She looks after one of my other business interests:- Blackpool Hotel Directory
We also build websites and supply domain names
Best of luck with your hotel !!!
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Sandra Walker at 08:15 on 13th Aug 2002
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Sandra Walker says:My parents stayed with you last week, Tom and Alice Byrne. They had a wonderful time in Blackpool and especially enjoyed staying at your hotel. They are already making plans to return next year. As this was a birthday present for my father who will be 60 tommorrow I would like to say how much I appreciate the hospitality you showed them.
Our Reply:Hi Sandra
Thanks for the note!!!
The pleasure was ours
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Ali & Pete Vickers at 09:45 on 12th Aug 2002
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Ali & Pete Vickers says:Thankyou for making our stay in Blackpool so pleasurable. Your hotel is everything the web-site says it is and more.
From the hospitality and the cleanliness to the almighty breakfast,we couldn't fault anything.
We will definately be back.
Congratulations on one of the best hotel web-sites we've seen and one which delivers everything it promises.
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for the kind comments - it sure helps us a lot!!!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Nicky & John at 09:00 on 12th Aug 2002
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Nicky & John says:Hi Mandy & Doug
Just to let you know that the two nights we spent at the Canasta this weekend were great. Just the same as your web site demonstrated it would be.
The hotel was spotlessly clean with real pleasant and helpful staff. I still haven't recovered from the "mighty breakfast"!!!
Nicky and my self definitely intend to stay with you again next year and will be in touch, all that is left to say is that the whole place is a credit to you and your staff.
Many thanks. See you soon
Nicky & John
Our Reply:Hi Guys
Thanks for that - the pleasure was ours!!
See you again
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by carrie and tony at 14:00 on 10th Aug 2002
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carrie and tony says:We stayed here in may and thought it was absolutely brilliant!
The website is exactly like the hotel itself! We were both mega chuffed and we are now trying to book again for a couple of weeks time!
Well done Doug!!!!!
Our Reply:Hi Guys
Thanks for the comments - come back soon!!
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Comment posted by Mary Smeeton at 13:24 on 9th Aug 2002
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Mary Smeeton says:I think this website is very informative. We have just stayed at a hotel which I booked on the net. The website made the hotel look very nice but in reality it was a very different story. It was very grim indeed,although I wouldn't let this put me off doing it again, I would just be more careful next time. having said this their website wasn't as informative as yours.
Our Reply:Hi Mary
Sorry you had a bad time at another hotel.
Our pictures are up to date - what you see is what you get
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Comment posted by Simon & Katy at 05:07 on 6th Aug 2002
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Simon & Katy says:Just a quick note to say that we really enjoyed our stay at your homely hotel on Sunday for one night (we were in room 8).
We did not really get to know you due to the weather being so nice and we were out all of the time.
Hope to do so next time though, as we will definately be back to see the illuminations (can you please tell us what dates the illuminations are on?).
ps Still have not eaten anything since the breakfast on Monday morning - brilliant!
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for the comments
The Illuminations (or "Lights" as we call them) start last Friday in August and shine until first Sunday in November
Thanks for your business early for the Lights!!!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Mr. Blobby at 12:04 on 4th Aug 2002
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Mr. Blobby says:I think your golf page is fantastic. The young chap who recently played in the Isle of Man also looks very handsome in the Algarve pictures. He is planning to bring home the Canasta Cup in January!
Our Reply:Aiden!! This must be you!!
The Canasta Cup MUST come back to Blackpool in January....but methinks your handicap may be adjusted to hinder your efforts...and give the rest of us hackers a chance!!!
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Comment posted by JOHN & LYNDA COLLEY at 19:09 on 3rd Aug 2002
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JOHN & LYNDA COLLEY says:We all really enjoyed our stay here, even though the weather was'nt with us.
It's such a nice friendly hotel and we've made a few nice friends.
Thanks Mandy and all for making our stay a happy one.
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for the comments
Hope to see you again real soon
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Comment posted by Marian Ellison at 12:15 on 2nd Aug 2002
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Marian Ellison says:I am well impressed its one of the best hotel sites I have seen, I look forward to staying with you sometime.Congratulations on your hotel and website they are brill.
Our Reply:Thanks very much
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Comment posted by Suzie & Kev at 05:35 on 31st Jul 2002
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Suzie & Kev says:Hi all
Just had a fantastic weekend in B'Pool but unfortunately you were booked out so we stayed elsewhere. I would just like to say that I think your site is fab and next time were gonna book early for a four poster room at your place.
Ill call in the next two weeks.
Keep up the good work!!!!!
Our Reply:Hi
Glad you had a great time in Blackpool
Call early to book with us next time
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by claire at 14:26 on 30th Jul 2002
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claire says:i am going to book a room for our honeymoon on the 1st sept, your site was really helpfull and so was the lady, when i phoned up. This is a surprise for my fiance and i cant wait to come, see you when im a mrs.
Our Reply:Hi Claire
See you in September !!
Doug & Mandy
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Comment posted by Flora and Hugh at 09:40 on 30th Jul 2002
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Flora and Hugh says:Hi Mandy & Dougie
We arrived home safely. We would like to let you know you made our holiday one to remember with your hospitality. In all the hotels we have stayed in we must recommend yours as one of THE BEST. We have passed some of your cards out to our neighbours who are thinking about a future holiday.
This is Wednesday and once again it is pouring with rain!!!!!!!.
Once again "CONGRATULATIONS" on your 4 diamond status.
Flora & Hugh
Our Reply:Hi guys
THANKS very much for your comments
....and for helping me in my hour of need changing the front door lock (when it comes to d.i.y. I'm a bit out of my depth)
Come again soon
Doug and Mandy
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"A very warm welcome. Clean and comfortable rooms. Great breakfats menu. Well worth a visit. "

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