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Canasta Isle of Man Invitational 2004


Cliff "James Blonde" Wright wins the Canasta IOMI 2004 by an absolute mile. Controversy was always going to be the key word in this years CIOMI and the ever present barrage of "El Bandido" shouts prevailed. Cliff played exceptionally well, however, over the four day event and was a deserving winner.

Terry (Terrytronic) Large, last years winner of the CIOMI pictured presenting the trophy to the current holder Cliff Wright

This years competiton saw the addition of the famous Midlands Duo, Cliff and Trevor and it is with some discomfort that this reporter has to admit that the Northern Crowd did get a bit of a stuffing. It's sad to note that both Canasta Cups currently reside in the Midlands and it's going to be at least 6 months until that can be rectified. Perhaps a return match can be arranged sometime in early November - we can only live in hope.

Remarkably there was very little controversy this year. Terrytronic was, of course, bladdered beyond redemption every night which was always par for the course and the night he lost his business in one hand of Blackjack was particularly funny.



The audited results of the Canasta I.O.M.I. have revealed a discrepancy in the net scores
Trevor ' Tommy Cockles ' Ayliff , was only deducted 2 points on the final days scores. Having won Day 2, and second on Day 3, the cumulative deduction should be 3 points................
This has catapulted Roger The Whinge into 2nd place..............

Nuneaton Office
16.05 Tuesday 10th August 2004

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