Canasta Hotel Blackpool
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288 - 290 North Promenade
Telephone: 01253 290501

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Are you Child Friendly?
Urm....not really to be honest.
We are not a large hotel - there are no games rooms, pool tables or swimming pools. We welcome well behaved children and parents who want to control them but we've had a few families recently who seem to think we're a crèche.

We don't want your children running around unattended. They will usually trip up and injure themselves. We don't want "Little Johnny's" toys left all over the sun lounge - guests may trip on them and injure themselves. And...we certainly don't want any temper tantrums...we value the repeat business of our guests who enjoy more peaceful surroundings.

So...if your children can be boistrous AND you think that's OK because "after all they're on their holidays" we'd probably prefer you booked elsewhere. See for an alternative.

We've had a few complaints about the wording of this and some mothers have even said that I am discriminating. I am!! I admit it!! I think it's best to be open and up front about how I want to run my business. We like children - we've got three of our own and we also got two lovely grandchildren, Lennon and Kyle. What we don't like are children running around everywhere whilst the parent(s) couldn't give two hoots!! Sorry if this gets your back up - there's hundreds of hotels in Blackpool that would be glad of your business.

Our Mighty Big Breakfast is normally served between 8:00am and 10:00am (for those who want a lie in!!) at weekends and from 9am to 9:30am Sunday through Thursday
We do not provide an evening meal. We find most of our guests prefer to dine out so we took the decision not to provide an evening meal. In fact we recently had this clause removed from our Alcohol Licence so there is no longer a legal requirement for us to provide this. We also provide menus for three local takeways (giving a choice of over 120 meals!!!). want to order a take out - no probs we would ask you to consume this in the dining room - we'll provide plates, cutlery and condiments.

We also recommend 5 restaurants in town. Mammas (Italian), AJ's (English), Ocean Palace (Chinese), Bombay Restaurant (Indian), Reds (English). These provide EXCELLENT food in great surroundings

We do karaoke on Fridays and Saturdays if sufficient demand - it seems very popular from June onwards and we plan to run this for the rest of the season. We'll also be running it on selected midweek nights to 11pm if there is sufficient demand. We realise this may put a few people off who prefer a quieter life - all I can say to this is it's just a bit of fun - seems very popular to date and as we don't take large groups (just couples and families) so it's not rowdy. We turn it off at midnight at weekends and we are very strict about this. Come on....join in and give us a song!

The bar is open from 1pm to 11pm, Sunday through to Thursday and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays

Room Service
Sorry - we don't offer a room service for any food produce. Tea and coffee makers are provided in all rooms.

Local Transport Services
We have a direct FREEPHONE service with Blacktax Blackpool Taxi Service - we'll get you a cab in minutes!!
or....there is a taxi rank near the hotel which usually has about 3 or 4 cabs on it
The tram stops opposite. Times vary throughout the year - during the busy season they are every 5 minutes - in Winter they are every 30 minutes.

Car Park
We have space for 18 vehicles. These are allocated on a first come - first served basis. If the car park is full on your arrival please park on the pavement to unload and then we'll direct you to areas where there are unrestricted street parking.

Coach Parties
Sorry - we prefer NOT to take large group bookings at this time. We're doing very well and don't need to offer the group discounts that coach firms ask for. We also find larger groups tend to be noisier and spoil things for our regular guests. Families and couples only please.

Why is your web site pink...are you gay? I am definitely not gay. I am happy though and we are gay friendly. I don't looks nice and the girls who view the site like it...and after all the girls usually choose the hotel so we may as well try and attract them. So pink it is...and pink it's staying!!

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The Canasta Hotel Blackpool
288 - 290 North Promenade | Blackpool | FY1 2EY
Tel : UK 01253 290501
International: +44 1253 290501
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