Canasta Hotel in BlackpoolBest Rates Guaranteed

Meet the Team

After a phenomenal success running local and worldwide hotel internet directories we decided to purchase a hotel and see what life was like on the other side of the fence. The Canasta Hotel Blackpool impressed us the most out of dozens we looked at because it has a great position, is VERY clean and all rooms are en-suite. It needed no improvements from us prior to trading and would have been our choice if we were considering a holiday in Blackpool.

We hope to make your stay memorable so you'll choose us next time you visit Blackpool.

The Usual Suspects
Mandy Smith - Owner
..also known as "Swampy", "Swampduck", "Swampelicious" and on a Sunday...."Swampus Delicatus". She usually answers to anything though. Her Regalness (as she also likes to be known) likes spending money and HATES bargains. She really is bleeding me dry so I'm thinking of trading her in for a younger model.
Doug Smith - Owner
Usually found on reception and banging a few dirges out on a Friday night. Hard done to, downtrodden, under Her Regalness' thumb he puts up with a lot....but enjoys taking "the boys" for long walks on the beach to get away from it all.

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and the hospitality received by the Canasta. [View more comments]