Canasta Hotel in Blackpool

Car Parking Available

we have space for 18 vehicles

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Car parking in Blackpool

We have 18 vehicle spaces which is "usually" enough as some of our guests arrive by train, coach etc. If EVERYBODY comes in a car, however, there won't be enough spaces. Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis.

We DO NOT reserve spaces - sorry

There is on street car parking at rear of hotel. If you park on our car park it is at your own risk - don't worry - we've never had any problems yet but we do need to cover ourselves as our insurance does not cover the car park. Please don't use our neighbours car parks - they will either clamp you or issue a parking ticket (very quickly)

If our car park is full by the time you arrive please just leave it on double yellow lines at front whilst you unload. The traffic wardens allow you reasonable time to unload. Once you have unloaded the car we'll advise best place to go to park.

Please note we do not allow large truck type vehicles on our car park - this will block the view for our guests.

Please note:
Blackpool was designed in the days of the steam train, not the motor vehicle. Consequently any available space we have for car parking is tight. At busy times we need to get 18 vehicles parked on our car park. The only way we can do this successfully is to insist that you leave your car keys with us. We need your keys in case we need to let other vehicles out that you are blocking in. We CANNOT get insurance for this. If you park with us it is ENTIRELY at your own risk. If you do not agree with this policy then you need to find alternative arrangements for parking - there is street parking at rear of hotel - it is well lit and on a main road and no problems have been reported to us in the last 4 years. WE DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE FOR ANY REASON CAUSED TO YOUR VEHICLE WHILST IT IS ON OUR LAND.

Car parking in Blackpool
Car parking in Blackpool

Very friendly, family run, very child friendly towards my child, lovely clean well kept enjoyed our stay very much, food very good, good selection. Can't fault it. [View more comments]

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