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Connecting to the Blackpool Webcams

Step 1
Disable any popup blockers. If you have Google toolbar installed you need to temporarily disable it

Step 2
Click the link to connect to the server

Step 3
You then may recieve a warning that you need to install an "ActiveX" control. Basically we need to install a set of instructions on your browser telling it what to do with the information we're going to be sending. If you want to view the webcams you need to install this. it can take a few minutes to install. Follow the prompts. I can't give you a screenshot as every one of my computers has the control already installed and I no longer get this warning message.

Step 4
Eventually after control is installed a dialog box will open asking you to enter some information. The only info you need to enter is:-
PORT ... enter 6100
Username ... enter guest (all lower case)
Password ... enter 9999
and then you need to click on MODIFY. If you miss this part out you won't be able to connect
and then click on OK

Step 5 The dialog box will disappear after you click Ok and you'll have a blank screen. Click on the CONNECT button which is a circle with a line through it from the right hand side

288 - 290 North Promenade
T: 01253 290501

don't forget Blackpool Zoo

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