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Comment posted by Paul Mills at 16:13 on 16th Feb 2002
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Paul Mills says:Brilliant weekend, Fantastic hotel, out of 10,12 !!! Will you have us back next year - maybe more of us - Hospitality exellent. Hope you got the stains out of room 4's bedding
Our Reply:Hi Paul - glad you enjoyed yourselves. Sure - we'd have you back anytime - but advance bookings are PHENOMENAL so BOOK EARLY!!!!!
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Comment posted by may & alex stewart at 14:16 on 15th Feb 2002
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may & alex stewart says:thanks for looking after us so well, we had a lovely time. we went to the waterfalls you told us about dougie 4 and a half miles and 1000,feet up it was beautiful really glad we went. we'll definately book with you again if we return to blackpool in the future..
Our Reply:Hi May and Alex - thanks for the comments - was it Inglewhite Falls or Inglethorpe Falls? Hope to see you later in the year
regards Doug
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Comment posted by phil kneen at 07:52 on 8th Feb 2002
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phil kneen says:just a quick note to let you know our NEW e-mail address, also to thank you for finding colleens credit cards and letting us know that they were safe.if you remember last time colleen had stitches in a cut on her head is cleared up very well and i hope that it was not to hard to clean the pillow case.Thanks for the warm welcome and we will be back in march if you will have us.many thanks colleen & phil kneen
Our Reply:Hi Phil - okey dokes about email address - cleaning not my department but I never knew about the pillow case so I guess there was no problem - sure - love to see you back any time - Book Early, we don't have much left for weekends in March - regards Doug
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Comment posted by Steve at 09:29 on 3rd Feb 2002
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Steve says:Well done on passing your driving test Jo-Anne! I'm still waiting to pass :(
Our Reply:Thanks Steve
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Comment posted by hugh jennings at 08:03 on 29th Jan 2002
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hugh jennings says:Congratulations Jo-Anne on passing your driving test!
Our Reply:Thanks very much!!!!!
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Comment posted by joe williams at 06:49 on 14th Jan 2002
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joe williams says:Had great time w/end 11 jan-14 jan 2002, Bedroom was great food great too much for me to eat, next time in blackpool we will coming back to your hotel, also will tell all our friends to come to canasta, best of luck to your venture.
Our Reply:Hi Joe - many thanks for the feedback - glad you enjoyed it
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Comment posted by Simon Mahrous at 14:04 on 12th Jan 2002
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Simon Mahrous says:I've been looking through everyone elses 'boring' sites for hours now, and this one is by far the best!! A lot of hard work has gone into it, and it has definitely impressed me! I've just enquired as to room availability, so hopefully we will see you in June! Simon and Kathleen
Our Reply:Hi Simon - thanks for your comments
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Comment posted by MR&MRS CORKER at 06:48 on 15th Jan 2002
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MR&MRS CORKER says:We, like all the other people, are looking for somewhere to stop over night in Blackpool and have checked out your web site, which is very impressive.we will log on again to reserve a family room.Great informative site!
Our Reply:Thanks for the comments.
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Comment posted by Paul Mills at 14:42 on 15th Jan 2002
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Paul Mills says:Great site, looking forward to our mini break away from the kids.Can you please save room 10 for 2 single girls in our party. Please have a big pig ready for breakfast as our ladies are very very very big
Our Reply:Hi - the pig is on order :o) - I'll ring you to confirm booking details as we appear to have already reserved room 10 for you.
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Comment posted by Louise Bennett at 13:07 on 17th Jan 2002
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Louise Bennett says:Just a quick note to say a big thankyou to Mandy this who I spoke to this morning when making a booking for myself, husband and little boy Conor who the weekend 08/03/2002, she was really friendly and helpful. Can't wait to get there and relax for the weekend. This is going to be my 30th birthday treat and I am really looking forward to a great time. See you soon and get the bacon in coz us mancunians can eat like theres no tomorrow!
Our Reply:Hi Louise - thanks for the comments and the pig is on order!!
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Comment posted by Brian Levy at 18:14 on 9th Jan 2002
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Brian Levy says:Dear Mandy,
We are really looking forward to our stay with you. Can I say that I am EXTREMELY impressed with your website! Having spent the whole morning looking for suitable accommodation, and having looked at dozens of websites, yours was by far the best.
If the welcoming nature of your webpage and the efficiency of your booking system is anything to go by then you DESERVE to do well!
Both myself and my colleague Keith Maton are really looking forward to the magic convention in Blackpool.
There is one thing I did forget to ask you when I booked; We will spend most of our time away from the hotel at various shows and lectures.
These are likely to go on until very late at night. Will there be any difficulty in gaining access to the hotel when we return???
I can assure you that both Keith and myself will be 'model' guests!!!
Once again many thanks for the friendly and efficient manner in which you have dealt with our booking.
Yours sincerely
Brian Levy
Our Reply:Hi Brian - thanks for the feedback. get a key to the front door so you can come and go at any hour.
See you in February
regards Doug
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Comment posted by Terry Winfield at 13:07 on 7th Jan 2002
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Terry Winfield says:We are looking forward very much to our weekend in early April. Very impressed with the Website. Our breakfast specialist reckons he can eat two! We will see! Kind Regards Terry Winfield
Our Reply:Hi Terry - thanks for the feedback. Hmm....NOBODY ever asked for seconds yet but we always cook plenty ...just in case - maybe he'll be the first!! See you in April
regards Doug
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Comment posted by Derek Hull at 07:03 on 4th Jan 2002
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Derek Hull says:Hya Doug,
Just a quick note to thank you for your hospitality and to say that everything exceeded expectations at your hotel. We will certainly be coming to stop with you again and will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and relatives. Thanks again Derek

Derek Hull
Product Quality Assurance Manager
Potterton Myson Ltd

Our Reply:Hi Derek - thanks for the feedback - it was our pleasure to have you - we look forward to welcoming you again
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Comment posted by Tina Jennings at 13:58 on 1st Jan 2002
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Tina Jennings says:Hi i have been looking at the different hotels in Blackpool for my family and friends to stay in the summer. Your website was really inviting and seemed very friendly,And i would love to hear if you do any discounts for large bookings. Hope to see you soon.
Our Reply:Hi Tina. Thanks for your comments. No...sorry - we don't do discounts for large bookings - but we don't charge extra for the sea view rooms which we can allocate if you book early enough. We feel our prices are reasonable and that we go the extra mile to make sure you'll choose the Canasta again and again for your trips to Blackpool
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Comment posted by Sue at 04:14 on 15th Dec 2001
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Sue says:Just wanted to let you know the site is excellent. Keep popping on for updates of what you have done, it's great. Wishing you all the very best for the future. From Sue & also my mother Connie. Ex staff, Cheers to you!
Our Reply:Hi Sue and Connie - thanks very much - Have a GREAT XMAS and NEW YEAR
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"A very warm welcome. Clean and comfortable rooms. Great breakfats menu. Well worth a visit. "

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