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Comment posted by Lawrence Chard at 14:14 on 19th Jun 2002
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Lawrence Chard says:Great site.We came across it accidentally while searching for "Blackpool".If you wish to visit ours, we would love to see you.Please use the above link,or our original
Our Reply:Thanks for the comments - you got the link!
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Comment posted by Simon and Kathleen at 05:55 on 15th Jun 2002
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Simon and Kathleen says:Just a quick message to say that your hotel was absolutely fantastic - I can't fault it in any way! The breakfast was even too much for me to eat, and I'm well known for eating everything in sight! The little touches certainly do make all the difference, and we will definately be booking again next year!
Thanks again
Simon and Kathleen
(Room 16 - 12th to 15th June 2002)
Our Reply:Hi Simon and Kathleen
Thanks very much for the feedback
Yes....the brekkies are a bit good arn't they
Come back soon
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Brett, Lisa and Leona Stanley at 02:15 on 15th Jun 2002
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Brett, Lisa and Leona Stanley says:Just to say thank you for making our stay in Blackpool so enjoyable. Your hotel and service is something to be proud of and we will certainly be recommending you to others!
We hope to visit again,
Thanks and best regards,
Brett, Lisa and Leona
(Room 6 - 7th to 10th June)
Our Reply:Hi Guys
aww....thanks for taking the time to send the card and for your feedback.
It's nice to know we're appreciated
Doug, Mandy and all the staff
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Comment posted by Simone Lewis at 00:47 on 7th Jun 2002
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Simone Lewis says:I have just spent the Bank Holiday Weekend at your hotel and had a lovely time. The rooms were nice and clean, the beds were comfy and the staff were all friendly and helpful. I have already recommended you to a couple of friends!
Thanks for a great Weekend.
Our Reply:Hi Simone
We appreciate the feedback
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Lynne Drysdale at 10:16 on 4th Jun 2002
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Lynne Drysdale says:I just have to say that your hotel is one of the best we have stayed in.It was the little things that made all the difference. Hope to see you again soon
Our Reply:Hi Lynne
thanks for your kind comments
Come back soon !!
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Sandra Paige at 13:02 on 1st Jun 2002
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Sandra Paige says:Just had to leave a note here to thank you for letting us stay - the bedroom was fantastic, breakfast really scrummy and we had a really great time. The welcome you gave us was the best we ever had and we felt like we'd known you for years. We'll definitely be back.
Sandra and Mike
Our Reply:Hi guys
Thanks for your kind comments
Doug and Mandy
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Comment posted by Wendy at 14:53 on 22nd May 2002
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Wendy says:Thanks for a great web site. Well done
Our Reply:<elvis>Thank you....thank you very much</elvis>
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Comment posted by Julia Wilcock at 15:55 on 21st Apr 2002
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Julia Wilcock says:I would just like to thankyou for a very enjoyable stay at The Canasta. A very warm and friendly atmosphere and it was a pleasure to meet you all. I will not hesitate to recommend your Hotel to anyone wishing to visit Blackpool and the surrounding areas.
Our Reply:Hi Julia
It was our pleasure having you and Stephane.
We'd love to see you again
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Comment posted by Kerry-Anne and Kim at 16:37 on 15th Apr 2002
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Kerry-Anne and Kim says:Hi there
We would just like to say thanks to everyone who made us feel welcome on our stay this weekend
- the room was great
- the food was great (a lot) :)
and the double or maybe triple baileys was even better!!!!!!!!!!!
We will definitely be back and maybe have one of your four poster bed rooms - they look comfortable.
Once again thanks and maybe see you soon
Kerry-Anne and Kim
Our Reply:Hi guys
thanks for the comments
We'd love to have you back - let me know early so I can get plenty of Baileys in (and lose the measure again)
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Comment posted by carrie josephs at 09:56 on 15th Apr 2002
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carrie josephs says:I think your site is great and im hoping you have a job for me so i can come and join the team
Our Reply:Hi Carrie
Sorry - we've got enough staff at present.
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Comment posted by Dave Baldwin esq at 01:26 on 13th Apr 2002
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Dave Baldwin esq says:well I left Blackpool 20 years ago for las vegas and the weather is so good not seen snow on the ground since leaving, in fact never turned the heater on this year Lol. I am sitting here waiting to see you burn the sausages on your can cam. what a great Fantasic page and hotel you have, makes me want to come and visit and the cam vista of the rooms etc is very Remarkable excellant job ..well must go to the Treasure Island and see the British Pirate Ship get sunk By the americans again. When this so called global warming comes I will be back Later Dave Baldwin aka Davyboy Do you have a basement I can set up Operations In ????
Our Reply:Hi...if you leave it a couple more years before "Coming Home" we'll be more like Las Vegas!!!!
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Comment posted by DAVE JONES at 15:27 on 7th Apr 2002
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Our Reply:Hi Dave - many thanks for the feedback - we'd love to have you back - Did you model for this picture?
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Comment posted by Terry Winfield at 14:22 on 7th Apr 2002
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Terry Winfield says:Just a quick note to say that we all enjoyed our weekend stay with you immensly.
Hotel is great, food very good, hosts brilliant.
Our Reply:Hi Terry - many thanks for the feedback and a BIG THANKS for inviting me to your Clay Pigeon Shoot - I'll definitely be going back for more so if you return next year I may be ready to give you a run for your money (not!)
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Comment posted by Malcolm Hunt at 18:41 on 3rd Apr 2002
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Malcolm Hunt says:Just a quick note, to say thanks for the great hospitality at your hotel.
Very pleasant stay and great breakfasts!
Thanks, Doug,
See you again in the Autumn,
Malcolm Hunt
Our Reply:Hi Malcolm
Thanks for the feedback two boys can sup a pint or two!!!!
Glad you had a good time
See you next time
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Comment posted by Steve Barker at 16:43 on 3rd Apr 2002
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Steve Barker says:Well, had to settle back in at work again after our weekend stay with you over Easter, which was great, but suppose we must work to earn cash to come back!
We will certainly pass on your good name to any of our friends.
PS The gesture about our "British Summertime breakfast", was unexpected but welcomed.
Thanks for the lie-in!! See you again.
Cath & Steve.
Our Reply:Hi Steve and Cath
...thanks for your feedback
To explain to the viewer...the gesture for the "British Summer Time Breakfast" caused me a problem late on Easter Saturday night...I'd had a few "jars" and suddenly realised that it was 2 o'clock...not 1 o'clock...and wondered if many of the guests would remember to reset their watches and thus be in time for brekky....So..we made it easy....we just extended the breakfast period to start from 8:45 and end at 10:30... was a bit confusing working the times out so..this was the easiest all around
Anyways....come back soon!
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